47 Home Repair Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

Benefits of homeownership

In this post you’ll discover some incredible insights that will help you navigate the overwhelming process many face when owning their first home…

Recently, I published a similar post on home buying where I asked real estate agents to share their best tip for buying fixer-uppers as a first-time home buyer. The tips shared were absolutely priceless (you can find the post here)!

…This got me thinking – How about an in-depth tutorial outlining common household home repair problems, with QUICK fixes? And not those same boring tips from 10 years ago. But fresh and unique advice that any DIY’er can quickly put into action…

You could spend hours searching for home repair tips and you would never find so many actionable tips in one spot.

So without further ado, here they are top 47 home repair tips any homeowner with a few tools can do:

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Are Fixer-uppers worth the added costs?

Owning the home of our dreams is a goal that we all hope to achieve. Now that the recession has blown through our lives, we can take the time to sit back and plan what is most important to us. There is no need to put home improvements on the back … [Continue reading]