6 Stunning Ideas for a Small New Bedroom

Source You’ve just finished furnishing your bedroom and notice that it looks rather small. What do you do? It’s likely that most of you wouldn’t want that claustrophobic feel, or opting for something more radical like getting rid of some of that furniture. While there are endless ideas on the internet, or interior decoration magazines, […]

10 Ways to Create The Perfect Shared Bedroom

Author: Kaitlin Krull Most parents would agree that their one true hope for their children is that they would just get along. Part of this fantasy, for us at

57 Custom Master Bedroom Designs

When people think of bedrooms they think of privacy, a place to “get away” from a house full of people (or kids..). Your private belongings reside in there. You have the option to shut the world out leaving the room off limits. Why wouldn’t you want your favorite hiding place to be a sanctuary of […]

Top 27 Baby Nursery Ideas & Themes

Decorating the Nursery for your new baby has got to be the funnest and most challenging part in preparing the home for the new arrival. You will want to research the color scheme that best goes with the theme of your baby’s new room. You don’t have to limit yourself to one set theme but […]