24 Amazing Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas

Patios are the life of the party for homeowner’s as this is the place parties usually migrate to after they’ve eaten their dinner and want to finish it off with a drink and engaging conversations. Not to mention having your guest drink outside prevents drunken drinks spilling on your carpeting. There are many styles and […]

17 Awesome Backyard Deck Ideas to Liven Up a Party

Sometimes having a kick butt home isn’t enough to make your home standout and become the life of the party. It’s really about the backyard as most typical rocking parties migrate to the backyard (especially if you don’t want red wine poured on your white carpeting by some that had too many refills) and it […]

37 Amazing Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

Many homeowner’s will tell you that in order to execute an awesome cookout, party or a seclusive “getaway” from the inside of your home you will need a patio that will provide everything one will need to achieve that — fire grills, furniture and decor. Here is an extensive list of some of the best […]