24 Amazing Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas

27 amazing stamped concrete patio ideas

Patios are the life of the party for homeowner’s as this is the place parties usually migrate to after they’ve eaten their dinner and want to finish it off with a drink and engaging conversations. Not to mention having your guest drink outside prevents drunken drinks spilling on your carpeting. There are many styles and materials to choose from when you’re designing a deck or patio, and one being stamped concrete. Let’s take a look at some amazing stamped concrete patio design ideas.

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#1 Brown Travertine Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete with wood texture

(Source: gandmconcrete.com)

A wooden textured stamped concrete patio design made of Travertine is surrounded by rock inlays to create a unique style for any home.

#2 Wood Planked Stamped Concrete

wood stamped concrete using wood hardiplanks

(Source: pinterest.com)

This design was made using wood planks to stamp the concrete to give it the wooden texture.

#3 Out on the Boardwalk – Stamped Wood Plank

wood grain stamped concrete patio

(Source: danguardo.com)

Looks like a deck but it is a wonderfully crafted boardwalk/wood plank textured concrete stamped patio sure to turn some heads armed with questions.

#4 Shading Stamped Concrete

shading multicolored stamped concrete

(Source: angieslist.com)

A stunning multicolored stamped concrete patio featuring grout work for that detailed appearance. The shading effects add character to this charming patio.

#5 Herringbone Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete patio made of herringbone

(Source: pinterest.com)

A strong concrete stamped patio consisting of an intricate herringbone pattern design.

#6 London Cobble Stamped

london cobble

(Source: belgard.com)

Here we have a multicolored stamped concrete poolside patio showcasing a London cobble pattern design.

#7 Ashlar Slate Stamped Concrete

ashler stamped cooncrete pattern

(Source: houzz.com)

A wonderfully designed ashlar slate stamped concrete that gives this patio a timeless appearance.

#8 Large Ashlar Slate

ashlar slate concrete stamped patio

(Source: wdesigncompany.com)

A large ashlar slate design with an exposed aggregated border giving it an eye-popping look.

#9 Slate Skin Patio

slate skin stamped concrete patio design

(Source: concretenetwork.com)

A showstopping slate surface patterned stamped concrete patio and walkway add an elegant curb appeal.

#10 Flagstone Stamped Concrete

flagstone stamped concrete patio(Source: concretenetwork.com)

A gorgeously curved flagstone stamped concrete design makes for a perfect entertaining spot for tea.

#11 Flagstone Stamped Concrete with Firepit

stamped concrete patio design

(Source: exhomes.website)

Here we have another stunning flagstone stamped concrete patio design stained in a light brown color featuring a cobblestone firepit.

#12 Random Stone Stamped Concrete

random stone

(Source: pinterest.com)

A beautifully mahogany stained random stone stamped concrete pattern to liven up any patio.

#13 Large Grey Ashlar Stamped Concrete

large grey ashlar slate

(Source: greystoneoly.com)

Check out this pristine large ashlar slate stamped concrete patio design with a grey stain.

#14 European Fan Stamped Concrete

European Fan

(Source: decorativeconcretesolutions.biz)

A European fan style stamped concrete with a light brown release and a steadman buff color.

#15 Ashlar Slate Stamped Concrete

concrete stamped ashlar slate

(Source: tablemountaincreativeconcrete.com)

A mixed sized ashlar slate concrete stamped pattern with a coffee stain color.

#16 Random Flagstone Stamped Concrete

flagstone concrete patio

(Source: patiodesignpictures.com)

A stained coffee flagstone stamped concrete patio design is a beautiful accent to a backyard pool.

#17 Large Grey Ashlar Slate Stamped Concrete

ashlar slate concrete stamped patio

(Source: pinterest.com)

A stunning, and eye-popping large ashlar slate concrete stamped patio design with a grey color stain finish surrounding a firepit.

#18 Rustic Stamped Concrete Patio

concrete stamped patio design

(Source: hgtv.com)

Here we have an ashlar cut slate with a rustic stain featuring a brick firepit.

#19 Large Ashlar Slate with Stone Firepit

ashlar slate stamped concrete

(Source: wakecares.com)

A large stunning ashlar slate pattern making this concrete stamped design appear more open surrounding a stone firepit.

#20 Blue Stone Inspired Stamped Concrete

blue stone stamped concrete

(Source: concretenetwork.com)

Here’s to having the appearance of a luxury bluestone paver without the high cost by using large ashlar slate concrete stamps.

#21 Grey Flagstone Stamped Concrete

grey flagstone concrete stamped patio

(Source: tommysimpsontheartist.com)

A polished flagstone concrete stampe with a grey stain finish makes this home pop with the contrast of grey and white.

#22 Stamped Concrete Patio

ashlar slate concrete

(Source: thestampstore.com)

In multiple sizes, this ashlar slate makes this patio appear larger than it is and showcases two tones one of earth-tone and the other in a grey cloud color.

#23 Brick Stamped Concrete

brick pattern stamped concrete

(Source: datacouch.me)

A gorgeous brick multi-tone cobblestone concrete stamped patio design is a terrific addition for their fiery firepit.

#24 Flower Rock Stamped Concrete

flower rock concrete stamped

(Source: increteofhouston.com)

Similar to flagstone but a lot smoother this rock flower pattern showcases smaller stones and borders a backyard pool.

Whether you’re looking to install a new driveway, walkway, deck or patio, concrete is the most versatile of all the materials available.  Concrete can transform like a chameleon changing its colors. You could have a brick, flagstone, European fan; random stone, and herringbone, etc. just by having the style you want to be stamped onto the concrete with your choice of color tones.

I hope you enjoyed our list of “24 Amazing Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas” and get yourself well on your way to a great looking patio design.

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