27 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects for Your Home’s Outdoors

27 outdoor reclaimed wood projects anyone can do

Have you ever had a bunch of “useless” wood lying around your yard waiting for that day that you’ve been procrastinating where you will send it off to the burn pit? Stop burning your wood. There are so many inspiring, exciting, and unique household projects you can create just from using reclaimed wood versus buying wood from a hardware store. Make your front and back yard stand out from the rest and check out our 27 DIY reclaimed wood projects for your home’s outdoors.

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Without further ado, here’s our of 27 DIY reclaimed outdoor wood projects:

#1 Wooden Pallet Transforms Into A Cozy Bench


(Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net)

Whether there in your back yard or a grocery store is throwing theirs away, you can take pallets and transform them into stylish benches for your outdoor porch and patios.

#2 Nature’s Own Lamp Lighting – Log -O-Lantern

lamp made out of tree logs reclaimed wood projects

(Source: woohome.com)

Get out your table saw because here is an awesome way to light up your driveway or backyard. Just call them log-o-lanterns. Take a log and make a hollow opening underneath and use a table saw to make the crack sides.

#3 Coolest Guest At the Party

outdoor reclaimed wood cooler for cold drinks

(Source: diyrecycled.com)

This cooler koozie made from reclaimed wood will be the coolest guest at your summer cookouts, and everyone will be asking about it making it a great conversation starter with that cute guy you’re eyeballing. Forget loading up the beers and soda in a boring red cooler and get creative.

#4 Thinking Outside the Toolbox

toolbox made from reclaimed wood

(Source: architectureartdesigns.com)

For all of those reclaimed wood projects you’re about to jump into, why not start with a reclaimed toolbox to hold all those supplies you’ll need for the projects?

#5 Reclaim That Unique Planter

reclaimed wood planter holder for plants DIY

(Source: diytomake.com)

Large planters can become expensive if you have an extensive garden. Time to make those plants stand out more with your personal touch with some reclaimed wood – get crazy with some paint colors, as well.

#6 Pallet Playground Escape For the Kiddies

kids playground made of reclaimed wood

(Source: 99pallets.com)

Have you seen how much backyard playgrounds cost these days? Design your own and make it better! The kids can get involved and help you paint it, and it will be more appreciated because of the family effort. All from recycled pallets.

#7 FIDO’s Dream Land

dog house made of reclaimed pallets

(Source: woohome.com)

Being a pet owner myself I can see this outdoor reclaimed wood project being not only fun to do, but your furry little family members will feel like a part of the family when they check out their private space. The fence is completely out of pallets that many stores throw away after they receive the shipments.

#8 Recycled Garden Pallet Pathway

reclaimed walkway for garden

(Source: doublescribble.net)

A garden is the heart and soul of the gardener and what better way to make the garden even greater than by creating your decor, and walkways? A small wooden pallet can create the character for an already beautiful garden.

#9 Reclaimed Wooden Chairs That Add Character

recaimed old wooden pallets for patio and porch chairs

(Source: blog.projectwood.work)

How lovely would it feel to sit in a chair that you reclaimed out of old pallets lying around your yard? It would make that glass of lemonade taste oh so much tastier. Add a couple of accents and you’ll add style to your porch or patio.

#10 Not Just Any Patio Furniture

beautiful-homemade-patio-made-of-repurposed wood

(Source: homeandgardendesignideas.com)

You wouldn’t mind having this be your patio or porch furniture, would ya? It would be neat to have such a bright, and creative sitting area to entertain your guests in or to sit basking in all of the hard work you did in your garden that day?

#11 Pallet Picnic Table & Seating Area for the Kids

kids picnic table made of repurposed wood pallets

(Source: s3.favim.com)

A perfect seating area for the kids to chill for a few minutes to some refreshing iced tea to build up that momentum to take on that playground again. Even better, allow the kids to help paint and design it.

#12 Outdoor Sectional Pallet Set

outdoor sectional set made of reclaimed wood

(Source: palletfurniturediy.com)

Grab some white paint, some upholstery and you’ve got yourself a beautiful outdoor sectional and coffee table out of reclaimed pallets.

#13 Modern and Eco-Friendly Pallet Double Chair


(Source: stockpallets.com)

A modern take on patio furniture while still being eco-friendly by using recycled wood from old pallets.

#14  Sand Table of Fun

kids picnic and sandbox made of reclaimed pallets

(Source: ideas2live4.com)

How can you not look at the picnic/sandbox table without letting out an “awwwwee”? Recycled pallet of fun and color for your child to be creative in.

#15 Drinks All Around – Pallet Outdoor Bar

outdoor bar

(Source: homedit.com)

Sure fire way to add color and life (drinks help) to an awesome backyard BBQ. People will be more impressed with your reclaimed masterpiece than to see an overpriced furniture piece.

#16 Got An Old Bed? Make a Swing From the Headboard


(Source: rugged-life.com)

Have an old bed and can’t decide what to do with it? If you have a porch, I think I can think of an idea. Just look at this beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly way of adding character to your home instead of buying big box store patio swings.

#17 Outdoor Nap On a Pallet Bed Swing

reclaimed pallet swing bed

(Source: amazinginteriordesign.com)

Imagine a warm sunny day of swinging on this beautifully made reclaimed wooden pallet bed swing while reading an engaging book.

#18 Garden Shed of Possibilities Made with Pallets & Reclaimed Wood

garden shed made of reclaimed wooden pallets

(Source: motherearthnews.com)

Need some place to store all those pallets you’re saving for other projects? Create yourself a garden shed out of some. A little garden supply or workshop.

#19 Pallet Garden Table

outdoor-fun-with-kids-garden made of reclaimed pallets

(Source: diyandcraftsideas.com)

Back porch fun for kids to learn all about gardening with their very own garden learning center.

#20 Planting Upwards – How About Use a Pallet


(Source: 101pallets.com)

Plant your flowers in upwards style with this creative use of an old pallet.

#21 How About a Pallet Privacy Fence


(Source: designrulz.com)

Your patio can’t get much more creative than this. Yeah, I know, who am I kidding? Of course, it can because we are all creative humans reaching the next bar to where out creative minds can go – the eco-friendly way. 🙂

#22 Party Starts Here — Pallet Patio and Furniture Set


(Source: 101palletideas.com)

Forget Tupperware parties when you can have yourself a pallet party. This patio lounge area made of reclaimed patios draws a crowd, and you forget that it’s a DIY project. No shortage of material here. Nicely executed.

#23 Extra Shelving Never Hurt Anyone

shelf-reclaimed wood

(Source: architecturendesign.net)

A little extra shelving wouldn’t do anybody harm while enjoying an afternoon reading a book or magazine with a glass of wine juice with the sunshine on your back.

#24 Uniform is Not for Everyone


(Source: willowhavenoutdoor.com)

Not everything has to be perfectly non-uniformed to look terrific! Just feast your eyes on this unique ununiformed pallet sofa. Excellent.

#25 Recycled Holidays Spirit

halloween decor made from reclaimed wood

(Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co)

Let us not forget how creative people can be when it comes to Halloween or just any holiday. Adults act like big kids, and with that comes cool designs – even from reclaimed wood.

#26 Light Up the Party

light mason jars with reclaimed wood for patio

(Source: ideachannels.com)

Forget the white Christmas lights use some mason jars that are lying around in your garage and put them to good use. Next, a piece of reclaimed wood, rope, and candles for a lit up a with ambiance.

#27 Eco-Friendly Drink on the Rocks


(Source: inhabitat.com)

Enjoy a nice Eco-Friendly drink on the rocks. Well, okay, the drink isn’t eco-friendly but the scenery is and makes for a cozy hangout to drink away discuss daily events.

Did you get any creative ideas from this list of 27 Reclaimed wood projects? Have a tip to share of your own? Feel free to leave a comment or follow us on Facebook.

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