Biggest house in the world – (Top 25) Largest Residential Homes Listed

Have you ever walked into your house and thought that you just don’t have enough space? Some homeowners don’t have enough bedrooms for all of their children to have their own rooms. Some people don’t have enough bathrooms or they complain that the rooms in their house are too small. The people who own the […]

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18 Stunning Craftsman Custom Built Home Designs

When you’re purchasing a craftsman home you’re not just getting a cookie cutter house or a McMansion you’re investing in a well-crafted home. You will find generous size front porches of either side porch style or a wrap around with supported porch columns. Overhanging eaves and exposed rafters with some having a decorative flare to […]

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17 Old House Trends We Want Brought Back

Let’s take a trip back in time for a minute and think back on some of the most practical home trends that have become nearly extinct like the dinosaurs. We all have a sentimental longing for items that bring us back to our childhood, but more the reasons we are longing for them are because […]