23 Breathtaking Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas

When it comes to landscaping, this is where you will see the imagination of the homeowner that got down and dirty in their yard or that of the landscaping company the owner hired for the job. Either way, when you see someone’s backyard design, you know a piece of their soul.

#1 Beautiful Cobblestone Pavers & Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscape ideas with cobblestone walkways

(Source: designingcity.com)

Here we have a breathtaking garden oasis in your very own backyard. A curved wrap around brick pathway leads you on a brisk walk around raised beds of stunning colors over to a seating bench to enjoy the scenery

#2 Nice Formal Landscaping Design With Brick Pavers


(Source: thesquarecottage.com)

A beautiful take on a more formal landscaping design for homeowners that enjoy backyard parties surrounded by professionally designed bushes and shrubs to allow for a larger open space for gathering

#3 Simple Raised Flower Beds With Stone Retaining Wall

Beautiful landscaping design for smaller backyards

(Source: homedit.com)

I like how this backyard is limited on the decor and leaves a large grassy area for families to enjoy Sunday games of croquet or tag football

#4 Amazing Landscape Design With Pea Gravel Walkway

beautifully maintained landscaping with flower

(Source: HGTV.com)

Gardens are amongst the top sought after look when it comes to backyard landscaping. The organic look and feel of having your very own backyard oasis allow you to forget briefly about the stresses of life

#5 Beautiful White Picket Fencing With Draping Roses

stunning landscaping with small backyard

(Source: Zillow.com)

If you don’t have a large yard to work with or the thought of mowing around statues, gardens and pathways seem aggravating here is an alternative. Design a stunning traditional style garden laced with climbing rose and raised veronica’s intertwined in with the fence to give the yard that landscaped look without taking space for picnics and birthday parties in your yard

#6 Amazing Backyard Landscaping Design With Cross Bridge

Japanese landscaping design ideas

(Source: Zillow.com)

A tropical design at its finest including its very own pond with exterior stone walls and a bridge with a stone pathway leading to a treated pine shingle roof gazebo. Add some foliage sprinkled in, and you’ve got a beautiful mental escape from the world

#7 Beautifully Lit Granite Steps With Stone Fire-pit

A charming landscape backyard with firepit and lighted stairway

(Source: Zillow.com)

A charming contemporary backyard landscape setting with sloped rectangular dimmable steps for those night time evenings and a cozy firepit surrounded by resin step stones

#8 Rustic Landscape Design


(Source: beatygarden.website)

A rustic landscaping design fully showcasing the beauty of creating with rock and stone leading up to a seating nook to enjoy nature’s atmosphere

#9 Backyard Maze Landscape Design

Beautiful fenced in backyard with a hedge design

(Source: homestratosphere.com)

Having your very own maze design with three separate pathways is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. One path could lead up to a seating area for coffee; the second goes to a gazebo for some drinks while enjoying the view, and the third could be leading off to the grilling area with dining arrangements

#10 Gorgeous Rock Waterfalls & Flagstone Walkways

DIY landscaping ideas

(Source: designingpart.com)

A stunning display of flowers, a pond with fountain while showcasing a rock staircase makes this landscape an owner’s dream come to life

#11 Landscape Design With Crushed Stone Walkways & Vines

Diy landscaping ideas with trees

(Source: caoping8.com)

An alluring landscape design for those on a budget, as it is very simple but beautiful when adding garden lights and a wall of short hedges

#12 Another Stunning Landscape Design with Waterfalls and Bluestone Steps

Garden filled with lush climbing foliage and flowers design

(Source: chatodining.com)

A wonderous view of a waterfall trickling down over rocks and surrounded by climbing foliage of different colors delivers a stunning image and at night time, this garden will be nicely dimmed thanks to the light fixtures up the walkway

#13 Nicely Done Landscape With Great Floral Ideas

Landscaping ideas on a budget

(Source: artdrive.net)

A small front yard landscape design that will fit into any budget. A wheel barrel full center with a lushes bunch of flowers overflowing and a white trellis guiding visitors through the yard. Add in a flower fence and statues and it’s a front yard to be proud of

#14 Clean looking Curb Appeal


(Source: homegoid.com)

Have a tree just — you know, just standing around? Why not make a neat landscaping design around the tree as it will not cost much money because the tree has been there for a long time 🙂

#15 Contemporary Landscape Design With Great Lightning

Landscaping lightning ideas

(Source: debmoe.com)

If you don’t have a large backyard no need to worry about not being able to showcase a kick butt landscape. Make the most of a small landscaping canvas by leaving the yard open sapce with lighting all around it to make it appear larger than it is — add an alfresco dining nook over some pavers and you’re allset for some neighbors to stop by

#16 Awesome Looking Backyard Fire-pit Feature

backyard patio design with flagstone pavers

(Source: decorhomegarden.com)

Another small backyard that makes the most of a smaller situation with a beautiful waterfall guiding homeowner’s by cement pavers. A touch of abience with the a modern style fireplace and cozy seating and it will look larger

#17 Country Style Landscape Design

country style landscaping ideas on a budget

(Source: wefollowpics.com)

An adorable country style landscaping design with lanterns on opposite ends and a mini stone pathway leading up to a traditional style fountain

#18 Another Stunning Rustic Landscape and Patio Design

rustic landscaping design with outdoor pergola

(Source: Zillow.com)

If you have a large enough yard here is a showstopping rustic style landscaping design fully loaded with all the trimmings. A stone paved decking with a stone fireplace surrounded by a raised bed of flowers and variety of foliage sure to set the tone for a quiet escape

#19 Beautiful Flagstone Walkway and Floral Design

Beautiful flagstone walkway landscape design

(Source: scrapblogdesignsbyhilary.blogspot.com)

I love the look that comes with designing your own woodsy area. A large backyard isn’t necessary to achieve beauty that comes with this landscape design with a lot of shade. Have some trees naturally in place and just add the pathway and plant flowers – voila!

#20 Cute Landscaping With a Nice Pergola

Country style landscaping ideas

(Source: vmempire.net)

A beautiful country style garden landscaping filled with breathtaking flowers and a stone pathway leading up to a cozy seating area with shade

#21 Cool Backyard Pond Idea With a Wooden Walk-Bridge

DIY backyard pond with walk bridge

(Source: petesims.co.uk)

A budget-friendly masterpiece is what this Tarzan type bridge is laying over a small personal pond with lilypads. Add some flowers and it will look like you’ve spent a fortune when it only cost some man power that plenty of DIYers can pull off

#22 Another Stunning Landscape and Walk-Bridge



(Source: drawhome.com)

If you’re looking for a bridge design like the picture above but have some disposable income to invest then feast your eyes on this creative gem. A unique spin on watch a bridge should look like including stairs while overlapping a homemade pond. Add some professionally trimmed trees, a lot of acres and you have a garden oasis in your backyard

#23 Asian Style Landscaping Design With Nicely Laid Stone-Work

asian landscaping design

(Source: houzz.com)

A traditonal asian style landscape design overlooking a pool with waterfall. Finishing the beautiful design is a stone staircase leading up to the homeowner’s home – a stunning vacation in your own backyard.

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