24 Home Repair Tips Every Home Owner Should Know to Save Time and Money

remodelingexpense.com Owning a home is one of the most aspiring things a new family strives to achieve, but with that title comes a ton of new responsibilities that you can’t just call your landlord to complain about anymore – you need to fix it yourself or hire someone. Even if you’re not one to become […]

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27 DIY Home Repair Tips I Wish I knew Sooner

It’s that time again, where we want to share some very resourceful household repair tips that could save you a buttload of money from hiring someone else to come and fix something you can do perfectly on your own and by using tools that you already have lying around the home. This is a 4 […]

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17 Clever Ways to Clean Kitchen & Bath Tile Grout

Nothing can be more aggravating (in regards to cleanliness) then to have your beautiful bathroom tile floor and kitchen backsplash to look grimy filled with dirt, food stains, and mildew. There is only so much one can do when using household products but for the rest, creativity will be your friend to get your tile […]

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47 Home Repair Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

In this post you’ll discover some incredible insights that will help you navigate the overwhelming process many face when owning their first home… Recently, I published a similar post on home buying where I asked real estate agents to share their best tip for buying fixer-uppers as a first-time home buyer. The tips shared were […]

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