32 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen can be an exciting, yet daunting task. There is more to it than just picking out a theme/color to match your kitchen. You also have to figure out the material you want your backsplash to be. You also need to think about what kind of maintenance level you would want. To help you in choosing some luxurious, beautiful designs is our list of kitchen backsplash ideas.

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# 1. Luxurious Brick Travertine Tile


(Source: zillow.com)

Here we have a gorgeous Travertine tile backsplash with a fresh white color that goes great with the limestone tile floor.

#2 Kitchen with Skylight & Gold Beveled Backsplash


(Source: zillow.com)

A wonderfully crafted gold honed beveled tile made of limestone works terrific with the kitchens pendant lighting and skylights.

#3 Mediterranean Style With a Rustic Brick Backsplash

framed backsplash kitchen idea

(Source: zillow.com)

A stunning Mediterranean style kitchen featuring a framed backsplash that works well with the L-Shaped kitchen and limestone tile.

#4 Stainless Steel Backsplash


(Source: zillow.com)

Here we have an excellent contemporary style kitchen utilizing a brushed finish stainless steel backsplash that blends nicely with the stainless steel kitchen island.

#5 White Marble Kitchen Backsplash

white marble kitchen backsplash

(Source: homestratosphere.com)

An elegant white marble kitchen and large Marble backsplash under the stylish hooded range brighten up this beautiful kitchen.

#6 Mosiac Style Kitchen Backsplash


(Source: Zillow.com)

A stylish metal stone that interlocks with the contemporary mosaic wall tile backsplash that blends nicely with the chrome kitchen faucet and pull-down handle and simple Granite countertops.

#7 Contemporary Over-tone Kitchen Backsplash


(Source: zillow.com)

A cool fresh appeal with overtone Mosiac tiles that works gloriously with the blue pearl kitchen island top.

#8 Hand Painted Tile Backsplash

hand painted tile kitchen backsplash idea

(Source: zillow.com)

A traditional style kitchen is showcasing a beautiful Spanish hand-painted tile backsplash. A unique addition to a classic design that works well with the granite countertop.

#9 Spanish Style Kitchen

spanish style kitche backsplash idea

(Source: oldhouseonline.com)

Another Spanish style backsplash made of tile surrounded by leaded glass windows adds a lot of character to this Colonial kitchen.

#10  Marble Style Kitchen Backsplash


(Source: picmia.com)

Mosiac glass tile that is gray with an inlay glass tile blends in nicely with the marble countertop.

#11 Stone Wall Cladding Backsplash

stone wall cladding kitchen backsplash idea

(Source: westsidetile.com)

Artistic stone backsplash custom designed for a modern style kitchen.

#12 Tile Patterned Backsplash

tile patterned kitchen backsplash

(Source: interiorarch.pw)

A delicate gold and green tile pattern backsplash showcases intricate designs sure to make your kitchen stand out.

#13 Mural on the Wall Kitchen Backsplash


(Source: tilemuralstore.com.au)

A captivating mural kitchen backsplash delivers this kitchen a comfortable feeling that is inviting.

#14 Ocean Theme Backsplash

ocean theme kitchen backsplash

(Source: pinterest.com)

This beautiful ocean themed backsplash helps bring out the stunning appearing of the surrounding cabinetry and countertops.

#15 Ceramic Style Backsplash

ceramic style backsplash

(Source: housedecor.online)

A luxurious ceramic tile kitchen backsplash adds and elegant appearance to any kitchen.

#16 All White Backsplash

ceramic wall tile

(Source: Zillow.com)

A beautiful all white ceramic wall tile with high ceiling works amazingly with the limestone countertops.

#17 Country Style Kitchen Backsplash


(Source: pinterest.com)

A comfortable country style light brick backsplash that showcases an intricate herringbone pattern design.

#18 Ocean Blue kitchen Backsplash

ocean blue kitchen backsplash made of tile

(Source: sanationalbank.com)

A breathtaking Ocean blue kitchen backsplash made up of tile adds beauty to any kitchen style.

#19 Luxuriously Dark Kitchen Backsplash

stone and dark kitchen backsplash idea

(Source: seezet.com)

Hiding behind the stainless steel hooded oven lies a stunning stone texture design featuring a detailed three diamond design.

#20 Contemporary Mosiac Backsplash

contemporary mosaic style kitchen backsplash

(Source: houzz.com)

A mixed blend of materials gives this outstanding mosaic kitchen backsplash eye-popping status.

#21 Rustic Style Stone Backsplash

rustic themed kitchen backsplash idea

(Source: houzz.com)

Perfect country style kitchen stone backsplash is adding that rustic rural appearance that always adds character to a room.

#22 Subway Style Kitchen Backsplash

glass kitchen backsplash idea

(Source: stickboykitchen.com)

A subway tile kitchen backsplash made up of glass brightens up this kitchen with style.

#23 Modern Mosiac Kitchen Backsplash

modern style mosiac kitche backsplash

(Source: cvhslaw.com)

A showstopping modern style mosaic kitchen backsplash design will be a crowd pleaser.

#24 Marble Style Backsplash

marble style kitchen backsplash

(Source: houzz.com)

Made of cedar stone this marble and glass kitchen backsplash adds style to this neutral material based kitchen.

#25 Contemporary Glass Backsplash

blue glass kitchen backsplash

(Source: houzz.com)

An eye-opening, blue contemporary style glass tile kitchen backsplash gives this kitchen class.

#26 Ceramic Custom Backsplash

ceramic tile kitchen design idea backsplash

(Source: rackspacecloud.com)

Multicolored ceramic tile kitchen backsplash.

#27 Luxury Style Kitchen Backsplash

kuxury kitchen design backsplash idea

(Source: architectureartdesigns.com)

A luxurious multi-tone mosaic style kitchen backsplash

#28 Herringbone Backsplash


(Source: waplag.net)

A gray multitoned herringbone backsplash brightens up this kitchen and gives a contemporary appearance.

#29 Modern Stone Backsplash

modern style stone kitche backsplash

(Source: homzstyle.com)

A luxuriously styled white stone textured kitchen backsplash made of tile.

#30 Brick-Style Backsplash

brick style kitchen backsplash

(Source: interiorpatio.com)

A light and natural colored brick style kitchen backsplash deliver a rustic feel to this kitchen.

#31 Horizontally Beautiful Backsplash

horizontal tile backsplash kitchen design

(Source: home-designing.com)

An elegant white horizontal style mosaic kitchen backsplash that livens up a kitchen of any style.

#32 Cobblestone Your Kitchen to Excellence


(Source: designing.com)

A stunning and unique cobblestone kitchen backsplash that is sure to draw some positive attention to your home.

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