The Dos and Don’ts of Landscaping: What Adds to Home Value and What Hurts It

Homeowners often turn to landscaping and diligent lawn care to increase the curb appeal of their home—whether they are trying to sell their home or simply want a more welcoming frontage. However, some landscaping choices actually hinder the value of a home rather than increase it, so it is important to consider each aspect carefully […]

13 Frugal DIY Greenhouse Plans

The best reason to have your very own greenhouse is so that you have a bit of an advantage against your living area’s climate changes. The idea of growing flowers, fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season is not only a neat thing to do but also cost effective because of the price increases at […]

DIY Raised Garden Bed with Branches

It is an amazing feeling to look at a garden knowing that everything created was built with what nature has given to the gardener without the need to purchase materials. If you’re looking to have a more organic looking garden and have found yourself burning branches, or thick logs laying out in the yard here […]

27 Unique and Creative DIY Garden Path Ideas

A garden is such a beautiful addition to a home, and it becomes an owner’s personal oasis from the humdrum life outside the realm of their home. Flowers, plants, and decor help a home stand out from the crowd with such beauty. However, adding a garden path to the garden will add a tremendous amount […]

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21 Stunning Poisonous Plants That Might Be Lurking In Your Garden

If you have small children and curious pets then having a garden that stores toxic properties that can cause allergic reactions or become potentially fatal is something you need to be alerted on before it becomes too late. Your plants, flowers, berries, and shrubs may give your home curb appeal or a relaxing retreat from […]

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21 Plants That Will Actually Help You Stay Asleep at Night

Humans are thinking machines that sometimes don’t know when to shut off the lights and go to sleep resorting in taking a sleeping pill. But did you know that there are some plants out there that not only clean the air in your home but can also throw you some sleep therapy? Yes! Some household […]

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17 Stunning Plants That Bloom all Summer Long

It’s no secret that a well-designed garden should include plants that have continual blooms all summer long. Let’s face it, we all love flowers and to see blooming flowers in every direction we look, is blissful. This is why we decided to create a list of the most stunning plants that bloom all summer long. […]

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17 Beautiful House Plants That Can Actually Purify Your Home

With so many airborne odors one doesn’t need to get all “air in a can” happy because all you need are plants. Yes! Plants. They’re not just meant to be for your viewing pleasures, as they can purify and filter an odor-filled room while eliminating toxins by increasing the oxygen in the air. …Let’s take […]