Kitchen Countertop Buyer’s Guide

Often people become too impulsive when renovating without formulating a well-thought plan before making expensive purchases. When buying kitchen countertops one needs to think about the cabinetry, flooring, and furniture that will be in the same room with the countertops i.e. will everything blend nicely together. Kitchen countertops are quite expensive and once you make […]

32 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen can be an exciting, yet daunting task. There is more to it than just picking out a theme/color to match your kitchen. You also have to figure out the material you want your backsplash to be. You also need to think about what kind of maintenance level you would […]

27 Luxury Kitchens Costing More Than 100k

Everyone likes a unique and well-designed kitchen to display for their families and friends as a kitchen is the heart of the home. What if you had some disposable income, how would you spend it if you could put 100k on a kitchen design? Let’s checkout what a $100,000 dollar kitchen could end up looking […]

47 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas – You’ll Beg To Call Your Contractor

The key to every home is having a fully functioning kitchen that also delivers a warm and inviting feel to it. Whether your style is rustic, modern or traditional there is a unique kitchen design out there for you. Here is a sweet list of our 47 kitchen designs that will surely ignite the green […]

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