Remodeling Trends For 2014

Are Fixer-uppers worth the added costs?Owning the home of our dreams is a goal that we all hope to achieve. Now that the recession has blown through our lives, we can take the time to sit back and plan what is most important to us. There is no need to put home improvements on the back burner any longer. So many people desire to transform their current houses into homes they can make them proud. With a list of 2014 remodeling trends, your renovations are bound to be a raging success.

1. Let Some Light into your Kitchen

While there is nothing wrong with the coziness afforded by a rustic kitchen, 2014’s trends of light grays and monochromatic accents are sure to create a chic, timeless feel. White walls, gray cabinets, sleek countertops, simple lighting…that is what this year’s trends are all about. The aim is to create a sophisticated kitchen space that will pair perfectly with modern appliances and be functional and attractive.

2. Bring a Resort Feel into your Bathroom

Throughout the year, we all need at least a small amount of access to that “holiday feel”. Irresistibly large walk-in showers with multiple shower heads might not be the worst idea. Add to that a spacious bathtub with intense massage jets, and perhaps a heated towel rack or two, and you will undoubtedly want to drag your bed into the bathroom as well. Neutral colors, glass tiles, minimalist shower doors and chrome accents will create a space that is both relaxing and luxurious.

3. Let your Home Reduce your Carbon Footprint

We live in an age where everyone appreciates the opportunity to “go green.” Remodeling your home provides the perfect opportunity to help Mama Nature where others might not. Creating a greener living space might seem more like an overhaul than a simple add-on. Replace light bulbs, find products that reduce energy consumption and water wastage, use bamboo instead of wood, install solar panelling and sign up for garbage disposal solutions that are geared towards protecting the environment.

4. Let your Creativity Come to Life with Vibrant Colors

While you may wish your kitchen and bathroom to be zones of peaceful respite, it may be a good idea to splash some color around in your other living spaces. This is your chance to dream up something truly artistic; something that will boost that feeling of childlike excitement. Zesty greens, bright oranges, playful yellows, bold blues and soulful reds are bound to be the perfect addition to any well-populated living space. Accent walls should be paired with one or two eclectic bits of furniture to create a sense of fun and freedom. The days of being prim, proper and reserved are finally at an end. We all have the opportunity to run a little wild with our imaginations this season.

It seems as though 2014 remodeling trends will allow homeowners and designers a little more freedom. Instead of keeping to one restrictive palette, people have the opportunity to create homes that are filled with eye-catching delights.

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