17 Old House Trends We Want Brought Back

Let’s take a trip back in time for a minute and think back on some of the most practical home trends that have become nearly extinct like the dinosaurs. We all have a sentimental longing for items that bring us back to our childhood, but more the reasons we are longing for them are because of how functional they were compared to what has replaced them over time.

We have a list compiled that will be sure to ignite that “ahhh, I remember that!! Why did they take that away?” factor. Enjoy our 17 Old House Trends That We Want Brought Back.

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…Without further ado:

#1 Walk-in Pantry

walk in pantry

Image source: homefamilyideas.com

A walk-in pantry has quickly become just a linen closet in most modern homes, sadly. When you have a fully functional pantry, the kitchen becomes much more manageable. It is terribly hard to organize a tiny closet or to fill enough perishables, etc. A walk-in pantry gives you the space to get creative with your storage organizing and to move freely instead of getting hit in the head by a package of paper towels when attempting to grab cat food.

#2 Laundry Chute

laundry chute

Image source: swisshaus.ch

Whoever helped make this trend dwindle apparently lived in a single floor home. Pfft. The annoyance of carrying a huge basket of clothes down the stairs can get old – quick! Having a second story laundry chute is so practical when you have a large family to wash after.

#3 Double Pocket Doors

double pocket door trend

Image source: southernsonomacountrylife.com

Why so much open space? When did the “no need for privacy” become such a trend? We’d like to have a few rooms that were off limits for a visitors viewing pleasure. You know? The nosey neighbor that loves to catch you with a sink full of dirty dishes when dropping by unannounced?

Let’s bring back the option to close off certain rooms to visitors when entertaining. Not everyone needs to know you ran out of trash bags that morning, and your kitchen waste is almost overflowing until you get a chance to head to the store.

#4 Wrap Around Porch

wrap around porch

Image source: bludworthhomes.com

Wrap around porches is so ideal when you have a large family or want the windows opened while it rained, but lately, porches have become a seating for two than the grand appeal they once had. Any former kids out there remember making a makeshift slip and slide on the porch?

#5 Root Cellars

root cellars

Image source: rodalesorganiclife.com

Free refrigeration? When did this idea of saving extra money for storing canned goods, vegetables, and fruit become so unpopular? Even if you’re not the veggie storing in the cellar type of person you could also use it for your wine collection, etc.

#6 Dumbwaiter

dumbwaiter for houses

Image source: cynergylifts.com

Again, we’re assuming the same people that thought laundry chutes were unneeded are the same that demolished the popularity of the dumbwaiter. We’ll admit that the name “dumbwaiter” needs a makeover, but can you imagine sticking the huge stack of bath towels in a smartwaiter (the new name should catch on 😉 ), so you don’t have to carry it upstairs risking the pile to fall and become unfolded.

Not to mention serving your spouse breakfast in bed without slowly carrying up the food tray dripping a bit of coffee and orange juice every step of the way – We’re rambling. Finished.

#7 Stained Glass Door

stained glass door

Image source: colouredglasses.blogspot.co.uk

We love the look of entry doors featuring an elegant stained glass. Utilizing textured, colored or clear beveled stain glass will give you that Victorian feel to an otherwise modern home.

#8 Vestibule

vestibule foyer entrance to home

Image source: weisrealtyexecutives.com

A vestibule is ideal for any home where mud and snow is a common nuisance giving family members and visitors a place to kick off their dirty boots and shed some extra layers of clothing without trampling mud on the carpet or bringing in the cold air from outside.

#9 Transoms

transoms give natural lighting

Image source: houzz.com

Two rooms that feel as one while also sharing the love of lighting. Not only do you get to enjoy having a divided room, but this look makes the room look much larger thanks to the transoms.

#10 Closed Kitchen

kitchen door closed kitchen door design

Image source: thesisterteam.com

Here we go again with the open space design. Why have company to holiday dinners witness you running around red faced and sweaty worrying if you have enough butter and cranberry sauce? We understand wanting to remain a part of the party socializing while cooking, but that’s when we could get easily distracted and burn something. I see open space good for parents that want to keep an eye on their children while the cook.

Shoo the guest out of your kitchen, so nobody is witnessing your secret recipes. Closed door kitchen is perfect – Let’s get our privacy back.

#11 Wall Niche

wall niche design

Image source: appletonrenovations.com

Nobody likes a boring wall or dead space, and wall niches provide the total opposite. You can showcase your prized collectibles or just an ordinary plant that will enhance the look of a room.

#12 Staircase Landing

staircases landing with built-in window seating

Image source: ultimatehomeideas.com

A staircase landing is ideal for the pregnant mommas out there or your elderly guest that get too winded and need a quick break before continuing the staircase journey.

Even more appealing when you add in a built-in corner window seating area. No window? Just add a comfortable and stylish seating area with a decorative plant.

#13 Interior French Doors

interior french doors

Image source: amikaro.net

#14 Dutch Door

dutch door home design

Image source: vignettedesign.net

Get back the fresh air without worrying about your curious toddler or indoor animals running out. Have people grab dishes from you for a barbecue without having to open the door with a hot tray when you can just hand it over the door. Just remember to look down if walking fast straight ahead with the top half open – one can easily forget the bottle half is closed and get a door straight in the gut. 😉

#15 Clawfoot Tub

clawfoot tub

Image source: theperfectbath.com

Who wouldn’t want to sink themselves completely into a deep clawfoot tub filled to the top with yummy smelling bath bubbles with that intricate traditional design?

#16 Gingerbread Trim


victorian home with beautiful trim work

Image source: angieslist.com

Beautifully ornate Victorian trim add a plethora of character with its intricate designs. More homes need to implement this design into their homes instead of the cookie cutter exteriors.

#17 Shotgun House

shotgun house design

Image source: hashtagarchitecture.com

If you’re unfamiliar with a shotgun house it is a narrow home and earned their nickname due to the fact that if someone had fired a shotgun through the door then the bullet would make its way straight through the backdoor.

It would also be known as an old school air conditioning as the non-hallway addition makes airflow breeze through home providing cross ventilation for the entire house. So if you’re living off the grid or want to save some money on electric bills during the summer months then get yourself a shotgun home. You can add a modern touch to this design to fit your individual needs.

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