6 Stunning Ideas for a Small New Bedroom

Small bedroom ideas on a budget


You’ve just finished furnishing your bedroom and notice that it looks rather small. What do you do? It’s likely that most of you wouldn’t want that claustrophobic feel, or opting for something more radical like getting rid of some of that furniture.
While there are endless ideas on the internet, or interior decoration magazines, not all of them can give your room that pizzazz it requires. To help you get started, here are six interior decoration ideas that are both stunning and helpful in revamping the bedroom.

1) Bigger Windows

large window ideas


Nothing makes this room more beautiful than having huge windows. Light has that unmistakable quality of making a room look cheerful and gives it that airy, fresh feel. But what is there to be done when your room has small windows?

Not to worry. There are several things that you can do in order to make the most of those small windows. As a general rule of the thumb, you should never cover them up using heavy curtains. Instead, only use sheers as they are more transparent. Hence, they will let even more light into the room.

Another trick that will make your windows look larger and more beautiful is installing curtain rods that are wider than your windows, closer to the ceiling. This will make your windows appear both taller and wider.

2) Color Scheme

Small bedroom ideas on a budget


The color scheme of your sleeping area has a story of its own. Using different color palettes makes individual components of the room stick out more, thus making it appear smaller.
However, using similar hues on the different components of the room such as the walls and furniture will make it look much larger. This is because using similar hues has the effect of blurring the lines between all the different components in your room, and an observer’s eye will move more easily around it.
You may, however, add a few shots of contrasting colors to make the room more interesting. Remember that light hues make the room look brighter and more airy while rich colors will make it appear more vibrant.

3) Lighting

small bedroom lighting ideas


Illuminating the space adequately, allows you to install bigger components such as a remote controlled electric stove. In addition to being easy to install, the stove will make your space look stylish and is safe to use. Besides, it is convenient, durable and economical. There are three types of lighting that you can try out:

➢ Ambient lighting: This is just general lighting. It is usually a soft glow that enables you to carry out tasks without causing a glare.
➢ Task lighting: This method of lighting uses more concentrated light but on a smaller area. It is ideal for working areas such as a desk.
➢ Accent lighting: This method of lighting is very concentrated. It is usually installed with the main purpose of drawing a person’s eye to the light’s focal point.

The correct combination of these lighting schemes will help in making your room feel larger by blurring its edges. This is achieved by having ambient lighting come from different directions. Another tip to help you make your room look and feel calming is using low wattage bulbs. You can also use shades for them.

4) Storage

small bedroom storage ideas


This might pose a problem as you do not want your bedroom to end up cluttered and claustrophobic. Fortunately, there are several solutions for this. First, instead of buying a free-standing wardrobe, you can consider having a built-in one. This is a great way of saving space in a small sleeping area.

Another way of saving space is by installing shelves on the walls. These can act as great storage centers for things such as books, gadgets, or other trinkets, keepsakes, and memorabilia.
The third way of getting, even more, storage space is by making use of the space under your bed. To do this, you’ll need to attach drawers to the underside of your bed.

This will make for a much neater storage for stuff like your clothes or other essentials as compared to just throwing them into a basket and putting them under your bed.
The last way to improve on storage space is by hanging small baskets on mountable rods. These will serve as great storage spots for miscellaneous objects such as spare keys and much more.

5) Mirrors

small bedroom mirror ideas


Mirrors will add more depth to your room, and combined with the transparent sheers, your room will be brighter than ever. Installing one huge mirror will have the effect of making your room look instantly bigger whereas small strategically placed mirrors can aid in making the room appear as if it has several windows. Mirrors are always a good addition to a small room.

6) Art

small bedroom wall art


Another stunning way to make your sleeping room look even more spectacular while giving it the illusion of looking bigger is by strategically placing art objects around it.

The art pieces will attract observers’ eyes, thus making them focus less on the physical size of the room. This has the effect of making the room appear larger. However, a word of caution while attempting this – do not overdo it.

Hanging too many painting around your room will clutter the walls and give off the effect of actually making it appear much smaller. Another great tip is to make sure that the widths of the paintings hung above your bed are not larger than that of the bed itself.

And there you have them – six stunning ways to make your bedroom look both stylish and larger. From utilizing the available storage spaces, the addition of mirrors, and adjusting the room’s illumination to create the illusion of space, the proper use of interior design will transform your sleeping area into something you never imagined. Remember though, when it comes to accessorizing, less is better. Do not overdo interior designs. Have fun decorating!

Alex Moore is a US-based seamster and interior decorator with a long-lasting passion for aesthetics.


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