47 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas – You’ll Beg To Call Your Contractor

The key to every home is having a fully functioning kitchen that also delivers a warm and inviting feel to it. Whether your style is rustic, modern or traditional there is a unique kitchen design out there for you. Here is a sweet list of our 47 kitchen designs that will surely ignite the green eyed monster!!!

This is too big to fit into one post, so I broke it down into a 2-page series — I saved the best for last : )

Without further ado, here they are..


Custom rustic white kitchen boasting white marble countertops with an island and chairs
Photo Credits: homegoid.com

I like this design for it’s contemporary color scheme. If you haven’t noticed yet, but black, grey and white used together in kitchen designs is a fast growing trend with home remodeling. The multi-functioning island is what sells it for me–must have!

Arched ceiling kitchen design
Photo Credits: HGTV.com

The arched ceiling in this kitchen is what will steal your guests eyes before anything else. It adds so much elegance and steers away from any conventional kitchen. I’m digging the overhand light fixtures hanging from the arched ceiling, as well. The dark and light color scheme works great together.

White and black granite kitchen with check board floor
Photo Credits: tilghmanbuilders.com

I’ve always loved checkerboard kitchen floors as a kid because it was fun to walk along the kitchen trying to avoid stepping on the white squares as a “relieve myself of boredom” type of challenge and as an adult I’m totally digging the contrasting colors for a kitchen along with a mixture of brighter accents sprinkled in. Nice design.

 luxury home with wood kitchen and granite countertop.
Photo Credits: oceankitchenandbath.com

This kitchen screams “a lot can get done in here” because of its size. And even if it really isn’t all that big it looks it. I like the shaker style cabinets as it blends nicely with the granite countertops. The wine storage on the side of the island is a nice added touch. The overhead light fixtures are modern and really add ambience to this kitchen.

Dark kitchen cabinets with light marble countertops
Photo Credits: oceankitchenandbath.com

Here we have an amazingly dark kitchen setting where a lot of attention went into the wood work. The multi-functioning island is a must have if you’re kitchen is the key of the household. Many think the living room plays the biggest role in the home but I feel the kitchen does. You need to eat, right? I love the overhead lighting fixtures as it adds just a slight touch of lighting for the ambient feel.

Pefect kitchen for entertaining with chairs
Photo Credits: homedesign.pictures

This is a great kitchen for entertaining a small group of people. You can cook in front of your guest while you mingle, kind of like going to a hibachi dinner except I doubt you will be able to pull off the flaming choo-choo onion they are known for. 😉

Here's a modern kichen design that's kind of cool
Photo Credits: housedesigninspire.com

This kitchen design takes a whole new approach to the term “modern kitchen” when they gave it a floating stove. Brilliantly high-tech style! I would have to say anti-mainstream is becoming a popular trend in 2016. I doubt apple pies will be baked in this kitchen instead I picture an order of homemade sushi rolls.

Victorian style kitchen with luxurious detail and trim
Photo Credits: divinedesignbuild.com

Everything about this kitchen I like and the elegance about it makes me want to pour a cup of tea and sit by the window to look at what the neighbors are doing birds. Having your kitchen designed in a furniture is a terrific move if you have a lot of guest stopping by or because of its serene like feel it gives. Definitely a kitchen with more purposes than for slaving over hot stove. Warm and inviting.

Rustic dark minimalist kitchen design

Now I know this isn’t every ones cup of tea but I felt the need to give it a spot on here because I like the artsy vibe it gives out. A nice dark design that belongs in a Tim Burton film with Johnny Depp center stage. It almost takes you into a dreamworld outside of the cookie cutter kitchens with country style curtains.

Rustic custom kitchen design

Rustic is quickly becoming the go-to-kitchen style. Aside from the cowboy hats and boots many people living outside of rural areas are bringing rural inside their home with the stressed out look on their furniture and adding a rustic feel that is sure to feel inviting. I really like this design.


modern white kitchen design with dark flooring
Photo Credits: decorationtrend.com

This beauty is a stunner. The white cabinetry is simple yet sophisticated with its black accents. The marble countertops, island and backsplash really let this kitchen shine. I especially like the steel lighting overhead fixtures. Sleek.

High end luxury kitchen with top of the line appliances
Photo Credits: mainlinekitchendesign.com

If you want a kitchen that did what this one did for me (grabbed my attention quick) with a good reaction then this one is for you. It just POPS when you look at it. The island with the stove is a winner. This is one of those highly functioning kitchen layouts I really enjoy. So much working space and light. Two things cooks need.

2016 Kitchen design trends

This kitchen has a unique style and looks sleek. From its steel appliances and the steel figurines being used as a cabinet handle for the island it all fits nicely.

Rustic country style kitchen with cool looking custom chairs
Photo Credits: panbudan.com

The kitchen design here is meant for the not messing around rural lovers. I love it. The chairs made to look like sticks is ingenious when you want a kitchen with a camping outdoors feel but afraid of the bugs that come with. The barb wire lighting fixtures are so cool and belong as a prop on “The Walking Dead” and the island seals the deal. I dig this design.

Really slick looking stone veneer faced custom kitchen
Photo Credits: staywallpaper.com

I really don’t think you readers need me to tell how kick butt awesome this kitchen design is. I can envision a lock cabinet with an even cooler rifle collection in the nearby room with a head of a deer hanging over it deterring anyone from wanting to burglarize the home. Nice.

Custom styled kitchen with wood butcher block island and dark recycled countertops

An eye opening layout that is fresh and crisp to the eyes of onlookers. Very pristine looking. The island is simply elegant and provides a lot of work space and is multi-functioning. The large quantity of drawers and cabinets will leave no utensil without a home.

Clean and minimal kitchen design

A design that screams “I’m sophisticated!” Between the pleasant weathered white to the stylish fixtures this kitchen isn’t meant for boiling mac ‘n cheese as you better be burning some Filet mignon.

ugly kitchen
Photo Credits: mosiehomes.com

Okay, much like that Tim Burton style kitchen, this bright kitchen may not be for every one but I like it and I get to pick the designs to go on here so neaner neaner–yes, I did go there. You need to give this design a chance. Really, it’s eye popping and forget the need for that morning coffee, as one look at this kitchen and your eyelids are sewn opened for the day.

High quality wood work and trim detail -- perfect for small kitchen ideas

What I like about this kitchen is that it’s simple. Not everybody entertains groups of people and like to just enjoy the company of their spouse that have an empty nest. It’s cozy and sweet.

Large kitchen ideas
Photo Credits: updatedhome.com

I can totally see a happy outgoing family having a cool shaker kitchen. Two-Three kids and a couple pets belong in a kitchen like this one. I’m crazy about the chalkboard door as it’s an inviting way to keep members of the family updated on what the other one is doing that day or simply leaving a fun message. The restaurant style eating table is great when you have a large family and I like the stressed look.



Yeah, I have to admit when I first laid eyes on this kitchen I thought of the movie “Beetlejuice” but keep an open mind here, folks, it’s got style it’s got class it’s got a really funky looking chair.

White kitchen with granite countetops
Photo Credits: architectureartdesigns.com

The island pictured here is the main seller for me as it’s large, multi-functional and gorgeous! The overhead light fixtures really add to the appeal of the kitchens island. The kitchen design is fresh and crisp.

Custom walnut kitchen cabinetry
Photo Credits: minimalisti.com

Looking at the image quickly you would think that this wouldn’t be ideal for a full functioning kitchen, but look closely and you will see that it, in fact, is HIGHLY functioning. The designer just knows how to make space in a tiny space. The large quantity of drawers and cabinets leaves plenty space for all cooking tools. Then there is all that cabinet space and the wine bottle cupboard. The island looks of walnut and is a simple yet beautifully made design.

unique kitchen designs

This wonderful design takes talent and patience to build. It’s Victorian style really adds a lot of somethings to a home, not one thing, somethings because it’s breathtaking.

innovative kitchen desing with clean looking countertops

Highly innovative, highly functioning kitchen design anyone could love. A built-in bottle opener and a few other built-in fixtures make this a must have kitchen for people who like to entertain guests.

Upscale and modern kitchen ideas with gourmet stove and appliances

Really nice and clean modern concept kitchen design with a ceramic tile backsplash and gourmet range.

Sleek pendalent lighting in this custom kitchen with a center island

A modern kitchen with all the trimmings. A nice island with seating to accommodate 5 and a relaxing color scheme. Every item in this kitchen looks like it was made to go hand-in-hand.

Modern and colorful kitchen with some cool looking fyer pan seats

Instantly you will notice the natural light that beams into this kitchen and the beautiful mosaic backsplash. What’s more is the cool fryer basket looking seating chairs over by the end of the large narrow island. For a small kitchen it is highly functional thanks to its layout. Excellent color scheme and contemporary. Nice design.

Clawfoot kitchen with beautiful custom cabinets and a slick looking stone tile floor

There is a lot going on here so I will keep this short and let you make your own observations, but I wanted to compliment the wood work that was involved in making this kitchen design. It looks great. Anything involving wood carving or sculpting really shows craftsmanship and this design is unique.

designer kitchen with nice oak floors

The designer of this kitchen was really hoping for some space and that’s exactly what he/she achieved. The cabinets and drawers are camouflaged in the “wall” of the kitchen. I really like it and the layover design of purple and black really add to the character of the design. Well done.

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