21 Plants That Will Actually Help You Stay Asleep at Night

#1 Chamomile

plants that induce sleep

(Source: healthyfig.com)

Chamomile was the first plant that came to mind when thinking about sleep-inducing plants. There is a reason many people drink chamomile tea to relax their body before bed. However, if you’re allergic to ragweed pollen, I suggest you skip the plant, as you could develop an allergic reaction.

# 2 Lavender

lavender promotes sleep health

(Source: curejoy.com)

Lavender has many healing properties and works great as a moth repellant, but it also oozes tranquilizing aromas to ensure that you achieve a good nights rest.

# 3 Valerian

valerian to help sleep

(Source: floristtaxonomy.com)

Valerian is not only great for those suffering from anxiety, but it is terrific for insomnia, as well. It promotes a good night’s sleep while also alleviating the tossing and turning people suffering from insomnia deal with.

#4 Azalea

azalea promotes sleep

(Source: westmountflorist.com)

These beautiful flowers are great at removing nasty airborne toxins and help with foam insulation. Cleaning out your home’s air source to promote a restful sleep is an excellent approach to wellness.

#5 Jasmine

jasmine plant to help with sleep

(Source: gardeningknowhow.com)

Many people struggle with sleep due to their anxiety levels, and Jasmine has anxiety-reducing properties that are sure to induce a good night’s sleep while also giving you an exotic plant to gaze at instead of counting sheep.

#5 Eucalyptus

eucalyptus to help sleep at night

(Source: thegrowers-exchange.com)

Eucalyptus may be a delicacy for Koala bears, but it is also great for promoting healthy sleep behaviors. Many people dab some eucalyptus on oil on their bodies but having the plant in your room will suffice.

#6 Peace Lily


(Source: avasflowers.net)

Are you left awake because of a scratchy throat or allergies? Peace lilies may help you achieve a great night’s sleep by eliminating all of your allergy symptoms by removing airborne toxins and enhance your bedroom’s humidity levels.

#7 Gerbera Daisy

sleep well with gerbera daisy

(Source: gardening.about.com)

These beautiful flowers help to increase your room’s oxygen levels that help you to sleep at night if you suffer from allergies or sleep apnea – give these beauties a try and kiss restless nights goodbye.

#8 Rosemary

rosemary to help sleep

(Source: veggiegardeningtips.com)

Having a rosemary plant in your home will serve multiple purposes. A.) It improves your home’s air quality – which helps you sleep better B.) It can improve your memory C.) The greatest of them all – you have a fresh source of seasoning in arms distance for that yummy spaghetti sauce.

#9 Aloe Vera

aloe vera to sleep better

(Source: livinggreenwithbaby.com)

How about a plant that rescues you from that awful sunburn, and releases extra oxygen to help promote a healthy sleep pattern? Aloe vera is a low maintenance plant requiring less attention while producing more plants as it reproduces quickly.

#10 Gardenia

gardenia plant to help sleep

(Source: windowbox.com)

Not only are gardenia’s beautiful to look at, but its scent helps to give those suffering from restless sleep and anxiety some relief.

#11 Passion Plant

passion plant for calming effect

(Source: wunderground.com)

Thought of to reduce depression and anxiety this beautiful flower can also help induce calming sensations that will help you to sleep better at night.

#12 Boston fern

sleep better with boston fern

(Source: simplyswider.com)

Boston fern plant is known for their stress relieving properties giving the body a calming sensation in return promotes better sleep health.

#13 Spider Plant

spider plant for sleep health

(Source: gardeningknowhow.com)

Inviting a spider-anything into your home is enough to bring on the heebeegeebees but when it’s part of the plant family you can calmly welcome it into your home with open arms – or sleepy eyes. This plant works terrific at cleaning out the air in your home while also soaking in all of those terrible odors, so you don’t have to as a bonus.

#14 Chinese Evergreen

sleep better with chinese evergreen

(Source: houselogic.com)

This stunning plant helps rid your home of chemicals so you can breathe easier which in return delivers a healthy nights sleep but do make sure to give this plant plenty of shade as that is how it thrives.

#15 Snake Plant

sleep better with snake plant

(Source: wikipedia.com)

Nothing slivering and slimy about this snake plant as it comes packed with benefits for the whole household to enjoy. It increases your airs oxygen levels, and it’s low maintenance to care for.

#16 Rubber Plant

sleep better with rubber plant

(Source: balconygardenweb.com)

It’s extremely hard to kill this plant, so if you weren’t granted an almighty green thumb then, this plant is for you while helping your family and yourself breathe better at night to enjoy a restful slumber.

#17 English Ivy Plant

English ivy to promote sleep

(Source: thenewecologist.com)

If any members of your household suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, you will be happy to know that the English Ivy plant can improve those symptoms allowing each suffering to get a better nights rest. The plant is low maintenance and only require a little bit of sunlight to thrive.

#18 Bamboo Palm Plant

bamboo palm for sleep

(Source: blog.wormsway.com)

The bamboo palm plant (aka Reed) works as an amazing air purifier reducing household odors and toxins allowing you a more comfortable sleeping experience.

#19 Golden Pothos

golden pothos for sleep

(Source: bobvilla.com)

Here is a household member that only needs to eat once a week (water) and very low maintenance. Just keep it by a window so it can bask in all of that fresh sunlight and it will return the favor by purifying your air quality while you sleep.

#20 Heart Leaf (Philodendron)

heat leaf for sleep health

(Source: sekolah4u.com)

Not only are these heart-shaped plants gorgeous to look at but they also help remove any formaldehyde that can be lingering in your breathing environment. They don’t need daily watering, so moderate attention is fine and some fresh sunlight to allow them to thrive to the fullest.

#21 California Poppy

poppy california sleep

(Source: lostinthelandscape.com)

Aside from the breathtaking view, the California poppy can deliver a somewhat of a soothing sensation that will send you to your bedroom to call it a night. This plant has long been used as an herbal medicine thanks to its anxiety, depression and insomnia reducing property called protopine allowing it to be an effective sedative.

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