15 Amazing Spilling Flower Landscape Design Ideas

#8 Whiskey Barrel Flower

spillin flower bucket idea

Image source: southernpatio.com

Time to get whimsical with this beautiful array of spilling flowers falling straight out of a whiskey barrel.

#9 Water Pitcher

flowers spilling from water pitcher

Image source: lookat.world

Here we have a two unique uses of an item. A ceramic water pitcher used as a planter perched on top of a bird bath being used as a table – a remarkable change in roles.

#10 Curvy Pathway

curvy pathway of spilled flowers from pot

Image source: upliftingdaily.com

Check out this pathway of vibrant flowers leading a curvy path from a flowering pot. No need to follow the yellow brick road when you have a more stunning pathway to follow.

#11 Broken Pot

epicycle broken pot spilling flowers

Image source: gardenoholic.com

That dang cat (or your butter fingers) knocked over your flower pots again? That’s terrific news when you can check out a cool way to upcycle those broken pots!! Get even more clumsier and “spill” your flowers out of the broken pot, as well. 😉

#12 Tire Spillage

spilling flowers out of a old tired

Image source: Upcycled Wonders

Everyone has a spare tire that they don’t need, right? One with a hole in it or lost its thread. Upcycle that tire and give it a spillage of flowers giving the tire a new found purpose to your life.

#13 Rainbow Spill

rainbow spilling flowers

Image source: dailymail.co.uk

Now check out this jaw-dropping display of a spilling rainbow of red flowers escaping the confinements of overly large grass covered buckets. Creative.

#14 Paint Can Flower Spill

paint flower spill

Image source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

An awesomely creative use of an old paint can or a bucket made to look like a paint can spilling out a fresh “paint” of colorful flowers.

#15 River of Color

river of colorful flowers spilling out of bucket

Image source: freshpatio.com

Like a riverbank of beautiful pink flowers spilling out from a bucket this look can really transform a lackluster garden.

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