15 Amazing Spilling Flower Landscape Design Ideas

15 stunning landscape design ideas for your residential home

Flowers deliver beautiful scents, stunning colors, and attract lovely butterflies. We know this. Why not increase their presence a bit more by giving them a more unique, and remarkable new way to display themselves that will indeed leave a lasting impression than a boring old flower pot sitting on a porch or planted in a garden.

It’s time now that we kick over our flowers and start spilling them, figuratively speaking, as we will still need to plant them strategically to give the illusion of the flowers falling out of their planter. Check out this excellent, creative; we can’t believe they thought of this list of  15 spilling flower ideas.

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#1 Flower Paste

spilling flower garden

Image source: boredpanda.com

Such a creative and refreshing approach to displaying your favorite flowers. Do prepare yourself for neighbors to start pulling out their smartphones to post on Pinterest. 😉

#2 Milk Flowers

milk spilling flowers

Image source: lookat.world

We honestly don’t see anyone crying over spilled milk when they get a load of this beautiful “mess” as the illusion of milk running out of the jar is awesomely creative.

#3 Wheel Barrel of Colors

wheel barrel spilled flowers

Image source: kickvick.com

A wheel barrel doesn’t have to be solely meant for labor ready work – does it? Use a wheel barrel in the decor next time you want to get a bit creative. Even better is if you have a worn out barrel lying around the garden waiting to be thrown out. Use it!

#4 Spilling Succulents

spilling flower heads

Image source: architecturendesign.net

A terrific way to reinvent an old fashioned pottery plant. The look of spilling succulents is gorgeous.

#5 Spilling Petunias

spilled flower plant

Image source: freshpatio.com

A sea of purple and white petunias spilling out of a pot is so breathtaking that it’s an instant head turner.

#6 Dumpster Flowers

dumpster truck flowers spilling

Image source: corevertical.com

Not that we all have a spare dumpster truck lying around at our disposal, but we had to share the picture it was pretty cool.

#7 Old Truck

spilling flowers from truck

Image source: meanwhilebackinreality.org

If you liked the previous dumpster pic, you might like to see another one with a bit more color involved. Check out this old truck with a stunning stream of color flowing off this previously retired, but now upcycled truck.

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