27 Unique DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Tips

#11 Beer Bottle Christmas

christmas beer lights

Image source: snackerdoodles.blogspot.com

If you’re a part of the unfortunate group that doesn’t get to enjoy a winter wonderland Christmas because it’s hot all year round and spend your Christmas parties outdoors feeling bummed. However, you at least get to enjoy a clever new way of hanging up the Christmas lights for the next big party (In the backyard – some neighbors wouldn’t like beer bottle lights being displayed in their neighborhood 😉 ).

If you do get snow, but want to take advantage of this cool lighting then substitute the colorful LED’s with white lights and enjoy this DIY lighting in the summer time.

#12 Paper Bag Lantern

Paper bag lantern

Image source: bobvila.com

Affordable and beautiful. You can make little cuts into these paper bags creating unique, intricate designs that will enhance the ambiance of any party theme. Do make sure to use battery operated luminaries, ha, we’re not insinuating that any of you readers needed clarification – we just like to be clear. 😉

#13 Upcycling Party Lights

upcycling party favors lighting

Image source: greenupgrader.com

Forget Tupperware parties as it is time to partake in a little upcycling fun. Since upcycling is becoming a popular thing to do these days why not have a party for this lifestyle? Better yet, upcycling your party favors and lighting!!!

I’m sure everyone can donate an empty jug of whatever and Christmas LED lights to help execute this awesome outdoor party lighting idea.

#14 Christmas Balloon Lights

light up christmas ballons

Image source: livinglocurto.com

A must have DIY Christmas light up balloon for your next Xmas party. So easy to make and very affordable. All you will need are some light up balloons that are found at your local party stores or through Amazon. Scribble some green marker onto a paper cup and buy some green ribbon and wallah! Classic Christmas lights going bigger instead of going home. Love it!

#15 Origami it Up

origami lighting for outdoors DIY

Image source: lightsandlights.com

If you know, anything about origami ( I have to left-hands 😉 I don’t belong in that group) then incorporate those skills into making an outdoor lighting out of your origami projects.

It’s highly affordable and just needs some white Christmas lights then instant ambiance with a twist. Psst. I can make a paper airplane!!!

#16 Hula Hoop Light


Image source: wonderfuldiy.com

We may be a lot older now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have hula hoops at our parties. Grab yourself a hula hoop and take a journey back into childhood nostalgia by making a DIY hula hoop chandelier light!!

#17 Ice Lantern Sculpture

DIY balloon ice sculpture lighting

Image source: fr.pinterest.com

Here we have a cool family DIY outdoor lighting project made of ICE! Yes, Ice! All you need to do is fill up a water balloon to the size you want your light sculpture to be and freeze it until fully frozen.
Once it is frozen remove from the freezer and cut the tip of the balloon (The tied up piece) and start peeling the latex balloon off.

Get a strong Ice Carver (Parents do this part) and carve out an opening for the tea light candle to sit and illuminate your driveway or porch during the next winter.

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