27 Amazing Tree Houses to Bring Out the Inner Child

When most people are looking for a mental escape from adulthood, they do things like go to a theme park to let loose or call in sick from work just to spend the day watching cartoons while eating ice cream with marshmallows on top for breakfast. Is that just a little lame? I mean, being a child isn’t about rollercoasters and cartoons it’s about being creative with an imagination that hasn’t been suppressed by corporate America.

People it is time to dig deep into that childlike mind of yours and let all of that help build you that kick butt tree house – adult style treehouses – prepare to feast your eyes on some of the coolest, imaginative, and somewhat futuristic treehouses being designed. At the end of this article, you tell me in the comments below if what you see on our list isn’t enough for you to forgo watching The Flinstones and pull out the hammer and nails.

…Let’s rock this – Swiss Family Robinson style 😉

#1 Opened Air Tree House

tree house design ideas

(Source: pilotdesignco.com)

Here is a cool hand-crafted futuristic looking treehouse. It is built with an open-air design almost like a balcony style tree house. Terrific if you want the amenities of a home but with this breathtaking view of nature featuring that very curious deer to the far left.

#2 Wrought Iron Tree House Escape

wrought iron tree house awesome design

(Source: drawhome.com)

Here is a tree house that incorporated tree materials into the making of the house. Almost everything is made up of wood while also adding a kick butt seating area wrapped around the original owner of the land- the tree. The rest of the design utilizes wrought iron for a strong staircase and pathway rails and glass windows.

#3 Community Escape Tree House

colorful tree house design all ages

(Source: minimalisti.com)

These colorful Treehouses aren’t just for kids as it could be a fun getaway for the entire family in the woods with each having their own living quarters. Plenty of open space to enjoy picnics together and a rope bridge that never leaves you out of reach to give a “neighbor” a helping hand. Finish it off with a tree house swing and you will enjoy the savings of not needing that summer cottage.

#4 Castle in the Sky Tree House

castle style tree house wooden fence

(Source: minimalist.com)

A castle in the sky with a wrap around wooden fence gives you that hidden elegance from the outside world. Be your own king (or Queen) far from the hustles and bustles from the common folk. The air quality will be so much cooler with all of that oxygen emitting green surrounding the tree house.

#5 Go Big or Go Back “home.”

large wooden tree house with fence

(Source: itsmyhouse.net)

An all wood ever so large tree house that is built like a raised home. Follow the wooden spiral staircase up to a modern style living space that looks rustic from the outside. Under the house is a play area for the kids equipped with a rope fence and swings.

#6 A Bridge that Leads to the Simple Life

wooden tree house simple and small with its own bridge

(Source: stgea.com)

A tree house that is simple and sweet but perfect for a mental escape from everyone with a pulse – except the creatures lurking within the trees.

Sturdy bridge takes you to simple living with its own balcony on the side where visitors can bask in the clean open air and just think about nothing

#7 Twist Me Up, Scotty…

twisted staircase tree house all wooden

(Source: thinkter.com)

Forget getting beamed up to a cool place how about walking up an awesome twisty staircase that is far from conventional. This design is built to “look” old and rickety but rest assured visitors will be resting in a strong, and sturdy home away from the boring home.

#8 Really cool, a UFO Tree house…


(Source: maj3shouse.pro)

No need to be alarmed it’s not a real UFO, but it sure does look awesome to stay in. No! Before you start wondering It is not levitating as the main housing is being supported by a strong wire that is connected to the surrounding trees. This abduction is by invitation only as you can see the drawback staircase that can be drawn inside with door to latch up from trespassers.

#9 A Tree Inside A House

House around a tree design cylinder tree house

(Source: assets.dornob.com)

This owner had something else in mind when designing a cylinder “tree house” of glass with a tree living inside. The only questions we would ask is where’s the bathroom and what happens when the tree continues that natural process of, you know, growing? We would imagine, the owner would have plenty of woodsy areas to go to the bathroom bear style, and we foresee a few roof repairs from the tree growing – extra floor anyone?

#10 Acorn Tree House


(Source: hovgallery.com)

I know it’s not meant to look like an acorn, but that was my first thought that came to mind. It’s cool and is a wooden ball house in the woods. It is being held up by strong cables that attach to the surrounding trees. We love the cool spiral tree wrapped staircase. The “acorn” showcases a circular dome-like window allowing its inhabitants to look out for mischievous furry prey.

#11 Pretzel Stick Tree Fence Designed Tree House

tree fenced tree house design

(Source: scapewallpaper.com)

I have to tell you, either I’m super hungry right now, or that fence looks like large sized pretzel sticks. You know the ones you dip into the cheese dip? Handi-snacks. I digress, I like this design for many reasons, the wrap around “pretzel stick” fence and the long wooden stairway. The house itself his tiny but cozy enough to enjoy some peace and serenity and the oversized porch makes up for the small “house”.

#12 Double Story Rope Bridge Tree House

rope bridge tree house two level porch

(Source: waplag.net)

Who says you can’t have a luxury home in a tree? This tree house has its own two level wooden porch equipped with a Jacuzzi, yeah, a Jacuzzi in the woods. Roughing it out with style and comfort. I love the long rope bridge that takes you to another smaller size tree house nook. I wonder what the HOA charges for its fees?

#13 Balancing Act Tree House

unique treehouse lair stepping stone staircase

(Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com)

I like the uniqueness of the tree house. However, I’m not feeling too safe with the stair leading into it. It’s a cool little lair, don’t get me wrong, but I’d love it more if there were hand rails on the “stairs” to prevent visitors from the balancing act or slipping after a rainfall.

#14 Is it a radish or an onion Tree House?

onion and radish looking treehouse

(Source: vice.com)

The looks tree house like a radish because of its shape and the leafy greens sticking out from the top. It looks like an onion because of the lighting, shape, and looks like there’s onion pedals. I’m rambling. This not a tree house but a real restaurant in New Zealand that serves to private events and corporate functions. It seats a little over 30 people, and a private coach(not a horse and buggy coach) takes visitors to this secretive locations.

Even though it’s not a regular tree house per se (as if any of this treehouses are regular in nature), but it’s a cool design to work with on your own treehouse. I dub the treehouse the blooming onion – without the breaded carbs. 😉

#15 Picture Perfect Dream Home in Nature’s Bounty

dream tee house with staircase and porch

(Source: i.shelterness.com)

Such a beautiful tree house meant for a story tale. Two wooden entrance ways and one side offering a wooden fenced porch giving this home a retreat from the outside world.

#16 Lights to Enchantment

lighted tree house design bridge

(Source: homedecornow.net)

A stunning lit up tree house looks like a fireball in the woods to onlookers from a birds eye view. Flagstone pathway leading up to the lantern lit ramp that takes you to this enchanting two story home in the trees.

#17 Cherry Blossoms of Serenity

japanese style tree house

(Source: hongkiat.com)

Being that Cherry Blossoms are my favorite flower I feel almost biased in choosing this tree house for our list. However, just look at it! It is worthy of being on this list with or without those dreamy, enchanting, breathtaking; serine, gorgeous, and I’m stopping now. Japanese style tree house oozes with beauty – imagine waking up in that neat tree house to that view- gasp!

#18 Will the Real Tree House Please Stand Up

awesome tree house idea

(Source: the guardian.com)

Did anyone get the Slim Shady song in your head reading the title? Ha. Anywho, many tree houses I’ve seen have been structured to attach to a tree using footers or cable wires. However, in the case with this tree house, it looks as though it’s being swallowed by the tree itself, which is so cool and the design made sure to incorporate the actual tree with the tree house design. Well done.

#19 Twin Tree Towers

twin tree house tower

(Source: ghar360.com)

A glorious site to see here. Twin tree house towers mean serious business. The character that is shown here is top notch. The spiral wrap around tree staircase is an architect’s dream tree house design. Connecting the two is a long, strong netted bridge for extra protection from falling.

#20 I Do Like Green Eggs and Ham Tree House

fun kids tree house design

(Source: erahomedesign.com)

If Dr. Seus’s kids wanted a tree house, I’d like to imagine it looking like this. Heck, forget the kiddies I want a tree house like this – it would make my bowl of Fruit Loops even more fun to eat. Seriously, if you want to get the kids out of the house and to stop playing candy crush, they’ll have a blast with their imagination with this colorful tree house.

#21 Ahoy Mate

ship tree house

(Source: travelhub.insureandgo.com.au)

Why to shiver me timbers, it’s as though a ship managed to get stuck in a tree – but there’s no water nearby. Seriously, this is an awesome ship tree house. Imaginations can run wild sleeping here – I even got a little carried away with the ship lingo.

#22 Birds of a Feather

bids nest tree house

(Source: 55secrets.com)

Be one with the birds. Have you ever see those documentaries showing how birds make their nest?  After watching them design their homes, I’d take it as a compliment if someone were to call me a bird brain. Awesome design for a “tree” house. More like branch house, though.

#23 Come Fly with Me

airplane tree house design

(Source: pinterest.com)

Everytime I think I’m creative I’m going to take a glance at this image and remind myself that my creativity is about as creative as creating the “spaghetti sandwich” which I later found out had already be thought of before me. This plane tree house is so cool every future aviator is going to want to have one.

Note: If you don’t know what a spaghetti sandwich is, it’s when you’re in a hurry and need to eat and run, you scoop your spaghetti and meatballs into an Italian hoagie and go! I know, you’re welcome. 🙂

#24 A Tree House by the Lake

tree house by the lake

(Source: waplag.net)

Not as cool and creative as the other tree houses, but nonetheless it’s beautiful with a beautiful view of a lake for morning fishing excursions with the family.

#25 Rapunzel Lay Down Your Hair

fairy tale tree house design

(Source: indulgy.com)

A tree house for a fairy tale. Beautifully designed with both bay and arched windows that remind you of a castle. The wooden swing bench seals the deal.

#26 Seeing is Believing

eco friendly futuristic tree house design

(Source: vuing.com)

Unfortunately, this is a futuristic design that has not yet been created. Wouldn’t it be cool, though? It looks like an intergalactic visitor coming to spy on our intelligent mass population. Hmm. Leaving that alone. I also wanted to give props for the amazing illustration.

#27 Swiss Family Robinson 2.0

swiss family robinson tree house

(Source: wdpromedia.com)

“The world is full of nice, ordinary little people who live in nice, ordinary little houses on the ground. But didn’t you ever dream of a house up on a tree top?” – Quote by Father Robinson  from the movie “The Swiss Family Robinson.”

You didn’t think we could make a list of awesome tree houses without mentioning the Swiss Family Robinson. The picture above is a replica from Disney. I’m pretty sure that if a stranded family on an Island can come up with this masterpiece without tools from a home improvement store then I feel confident you can make a Swiss Family Robinson 2.0 (Yes! I know it was just a movie, and they had stage props- pfft- Debbie Downer).

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