What Cost Each State Is Obsessed With in 2016?

Discover what your neighboring states are searching for the most when it comes to prices

According to Google’s autocomplete — the common searched for cost terms, are: Divorce, Abortion, DNA test, and Weed. Now, I do feel bad for those living below the Mason Dixon line, it seems your either getting divorced, checking to see whether or not the kid is yours, or your grabbing a Taxi and getting on out of dodge…

As for Denver, CO. — I don’t see the number#1 cost term “Weed” changing anytime soon 🙂

You can view our full spreadsheet for each search we performed using Google’s autocomplete here: How much does a * cost in

You can also perform the search yourself by typing the following: “How much does a * cost in (state)” Just be sure to remove the brackets and include state.

I learned quite a lot from running these search terms and I know you will too! Once you’re done reading, feel free to post a comment – I’d love to hear which one you liked the most…

So without further ado, here they are:

…Ouch Nevada

It looks like we have a winner here: Prostitute & Divorce go hand to hand here in Nevada…

Nevada autocomplete search results don't look to good

What’s Your State’s #1 Cost Search Term

1. Alabama

Seems like a lot of folks in Alabama are finished pretending that they like their in-laws, as divorce is the top searched for in Montgomery, Alabama

2. Alaska

People in Alaska are spending their money wisely as they are focused on buying land

3. Arizona

Does cactus juice contain a lot of calories? Because Liposuction is the Cities main priority

4. Arkansas

Safer sex needs to be implemented in the schools of Little Rock, Arkansas, as tough, emotional decisions are plaguing these folks as abortions were their most searched

5. California

Residents of Sacramento California are looking to compete with Texas and snatch their “everything is bigger in Texas” saying because breast augmentation was their top searched

6. Denver

People are laughing a lot more and cleaning out the cupboard’s as weed is their number must have.

7. Connecticut

I know things can get a little boring in Hartford, Connecticut but I didn’t know sex with real dates were scarce as prostitutes are getting all of Hartford’s action.

8. Delaware

This is where the party is at, folks. Head over to Delaware because their mission statement is “we need more kegs” as the cost for a Keg made the list of top searched.

9. Florida

Planned parenthood is not what is searched around Tallahassee, as the aftermath is what takes precedence. The cost of an Abortion is their most searched.

10. Georgia

There are two scenarios happening in Atlanta, Georgia. 1. Everyone lost their driver’s license due to drinking and driving or 2. They are against drinking and driving but nobody wants to be the designated driver

11. Hawaii

Nothing weird about searching gas prices in your local area, I myself, was looking into it earlier planning for a road trip. Next.

12. Idaho

Too many Idaho potatoes are being eaten around these parts, as tummy tucks are taking the lead. Cosmetic surgeons are laughing to the bank. Mashed potatoes anyone?

13. Illinois

Nothing out of the ordinary with Daycare searches, I mean, everyone has to make a living some how.

14. Indiana

Things are feeling a little flat in Indiana, Indianapolis because these residents are spending a lot of time searching for a good deal on breast implants.

15. Iowa

Have you ever talked to someone that always looks content, or has the “surprised look?” They can feel sad or angry, but you would never know because the number #1 searched term for cost in Iowa is: Botox 🙂

16. Kansas

Many of the lovebirds in Topeka Kansas are going to be getting married by the justice of peace. Why? Because if you’re worried about the cheap cost of a marriage license then there’s not too much in the nest egg for a nice wedding. The top searched was how much for a marriage license.

17. Kentucky

There aren’t too many cars on the road over there in Kentucky. Seems as though Kentucky peeps were not so taxi-friendly as the Atlanta Georgians. They are searching for cost of a DUI.

18. Louisiana

You need all the savings you can get if you’re in the middle of a divorce as the people from Louisiana. Maybe they can borrow money from the money savers of Topeka Kansas that are saving tons of money avoiding that back yard wedding.

19. Maine

This one is a little tricky. Isn’t Lobster plentiful in Maine? So, either people are interested in finding out market value that they can make selling Lobster or are just really craving Lobsters and are on the prowl. I dunno, kind of stumped on this one.

20. Maryland

Must be nice having enough money to travel over seas. The people in Maryland are expecting a lot of vacations to exotic places. They are solely searching for cost for passports. Or this place is full of killers and they are trying to make a run for it. The latter maybe a we bit far-fetched. I’m just bitter because my vacations consist of going out of town for the weekend.

21. Massachusetts

Looks like our Bostonians have somewhere they need to be and want to be fully prepared with some loose change. Heading to Fenway Pahk or Hahvid — Riding the “T” will get you there quick  (unless there’s snow on the rails)..

22. Michigan

Lansing Michigan residents are not taking the same chances that folks in Little Rock, Arkansas are taking because they are gung-ho on their search for a Vasectomy

23. Minnesota

Hey! It’s the eco-friendly group again. Moving on.

24. Mississippi

Just some sweet folks trying to make sure their neighbor isn’t their cousin before hitting on them. DNA testing is a hit over in Jackson, Mississippi. How much is the cost for DNA testing is the top searched.

25. Missouri

The Swiss family Robinson is not just a Disney movie. The people of Jefferson City, Missouri are a very resourceful group—they build their own houses. How much to build a house is the top searched. I could be wrong and they are searching how much for someone ELSE to build a house—either way they spend their money wisely.

26. Montana

No illegal stills will be found making Moon Shine in Helena, Montana. These law-biding citizens are investing in liquor license because the cost is the most searched for in that area.

27. Nebraska

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone…” is the tune on the tongues of the people of Lincoln, Nebraska as Lasik surgery cost is the top searched. They are tired of contacts and glasses.

28. Nevada

Do people really ‘Google’ the cost of a prostitute this often? This is the second state full of lonely patrons wanting a little “pretty woman” for the night. Just don’t expect Richard Gere to marry any of them—that was just a movie, girls.

29. New Hampshire

Well, this is was a no-brainer if you grew up in New England. People in New Hampshire want their fishers license. This may have been the cause of the show “Wicked Tuna” aspiring weekend warriors. Either way, they are spending their time more wisely than the State of Nevada.

30. New Jersey

Not much of anything amazing here. We are just people searching what the average cost of a house. Moving on.

31. New Mexico

How much for a CDL license was top for New Mexico. Yep, I will just leave this one to your imagination. Again, moving on.

32. New York

I don’t know about you but the roads I drive on are bumpier than hell. I’d hope my taxes will make its way to the roads I drive on. However, things are not looking too bumpy in New York where the number#1 searched term is “Rhinoplasty…”

33. North Carolina

People in Raleigh North Caroline are nose deep in their studies, as cost of nose jobs was the top most searched for their area.

34. North Dakota

This one has me a bit perplexed. Are they searching for the cost of raising a minor, cost of paying off a minor offense or Interested in a job of mining.

35. Ohio

Okay, this is the first state that I’m proud of. Kudos to the Mommy’s out there that want kids while keeping their bodies from sagging to the floor. Less husbands searching for the cost of prostitutes the way these women don’t let themselves go. The cost of Mommy makeovers makes the list for Columbus, Ohio.

36. Oklahoma

As aforementioned, the government already hires street sweepers. Women are keeping the boobs lifted in Oklahoma, City. The cost of breast lifts was the top question hitting the keyboards.

37. Oregon

Is there a water shortage because last I knew was that water was the only necessity that is actually quite affordable–Even toothpaste and toilet paper are becoming something I need to clip coupons for to afford. Why water? That was the number one cost folks were curious about here.

38. Pennsylvania

Okay, cabs were the number one search results for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This is the one state that I gave a predictable guess beforehand and I’m correct. My second guess was the cost of Barn-raising.

39. Rhode Island

It’s funny that Rhode Island is even considered a state, more like a really long driveway of someone living in Massachusetts. Since cost of restraining orders are the number one searched in this state Massachusetts is happy to not be sharing their state with Rhode Island folk.

40. South Carolina

Abortion was the top searched for in South Carolina. I guess some don’t know how to spell condoms otherwise that would have been researched first.

41. South Dakota

DUI makes the list for another state today. We need to gather up some change from the Bostonians taking the “T” and pitch in for a Taxi for these guys. How much does it cost for a DUI was their top search.

42. Tennessee

Again, southern hospitality always implies that you make sure you aren’t winking at your Cousin Sue and get that DNA test done first. DNA testing is the top search for Nashville, Tennessee.

43. Texas

All the kids of Austin TX are getting a spoonful of sugar to help make the medicine go down, as Nanny’s are the number one searched for in relation the cost.

44. Utah

Just like Honolulu Hawaii and myself, the cost of gas was this state’s number one search.

45. Vermont

It is getting cold and residents of Vermont are snuggling with their spouses by the fire, as cords of wood were the top cost inquiry.

46. Virginia

Ski lifts are not the only things lifting people Richmond, as the cost for face-lifts were the top search.

47. Washington

The cost of circumcision is the top search for Washington. Isn’t newborn circumcision included with the hospital delivery? I don’t know and I’m not going to research it. As the folks in Washington that question—they know the answer. Obviously.

48. West Virginia

With the Divorce rate in WV being so high it’s no wonder ex-wives are trying to get their bodies back into rebound physique status. The cost for Tummy tucks were the top search for in Charleston, WV

49. Wisconsin

All that cheese you’re eating has to go somewhere, folks. Wisconsin is known for their cheese and thanks to Google giving us a little peak at what they search for—liposuction is another legacy on their belt—with extended belt holes that is.

50. Wyoming

A lot of confusion happening in Cheyenne, Wyoming, as an issue of Johnny Appleseed making his rounds in the late night, as Paternity test are the top searched.


Now it’s your turn – do you have a funny Autocomplete moment to share? What was your state made you laugh the most? Share your comments below:

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