Top 27 Baby Nursery Ideas & Themes

Decorating the Nursery for your new baby has got to be the funnest and most challenging part in preparing the home for the new arrival. You will want to research the color scheme that best goes with the theme of your baby’s new room. You don’t have to limit yourself to one set theme but do prepare the task with a focal point i.e is this room being styled around the crib or is there a special part of the room that will take center stage for the concept you have in mind? The last thing you want to do is paint the entire room and to discover the “must have curtain” is in a color opposite to the wall paint causing a clash of the designs etc.

Here is a list of some of the best nursery designs of 2016.


If you’re wanting a room centered around animals but don’t want to aim for the overly done cartoon style animal designs then why not go for a more traditional theme of safari animals to give the room an antique setting? A nice added touch would be the dark leather chair for mom and dad to rock baby to sleep.


A simple yet cozy little nursery for your baby to wake up to every two hours of the night each morning with the trending wall art. This room has different texture styles that go together nicely. The color scheme of different shades of grey that transition to a baby blue leaves a calming environment.

Cream colored nursery idea

Here we have a beautifully designed baby girl nursery with an enchanting chandelier hanging over the crib. On the wall there is a custom designed wall art of the child’s initials that adds a wonderful touch to a room making it their own. The cream color mixed with light pink gives this room elegance.


We have a nursery room designed to have a classic appeal. The old-time rocking horse and the antique toy accents really add some character to this room. The furniture is made of wood to blend in nicely with the classic look.


Having double the bundle? Here is an adorable room for twin boy and twin girl. They can each feel like they’re in their own living quarters set with a color scheme for their gender, while keeping the parents’ from having to go back and forth between two rooms. Wonderful wall art really adds to this room and mom/dad will have a cozy chair to take turns rocking the babies to sleep.

Looking to add more fun instead of elegance to your babies room? Here are some must have rooms that will bring a fun atmosphere

Baby boy animal theme with monkeys

I love how this room comes to life in the jungle while keeping your baby safe from other predators. The monkey’s swinging from a wall art mural of a tree is simply adorable. The mixture of navy and green is a comforting color scheme for a fussy baby. Everything works great together.

Cindarella princess baby girl nursery theme

A Fairy tale and toys come to life in this stunning room. I envy the baby girl that gets to wake up in this nursery filled with imagination and creativity. A crib turned into a carriage is so charming when mommy and daddy read her the story of Cinderella.

Don’t want the nursery to cost more than the delivery bills? Check out these wonderful yet affordable nursery designs.

Affordable baby nursery ideas on a budget

This baby girl nursery is simply divine with its DIY cherry blossom wall art with mom and dads initials “carved” into the tree. The only items that will cost a couple hundred dollars would be the crib and chair for rocking the baby to sleep.

Budget friendly nursery room ideas for a boy

This precious room brings a nature feel to the room. I especially love the wall of clouds. The wall accents appear to be homemade with products you can make from supplies from an arts and crafts store. Not an expensive nursery design but adorable and your baby will enjoy waking up in this room.

Chalkboard baby nursery ideas for a boy or girl

Aside from the budget-friendly design, what I really like about this room is how it can transition as your baby grows into a teenager. The room will encourage the toddler to draw on their bedroom wall with chalk and spare your living room of crayon artwork. Then the “need to express myself” teenager can draw all their poems, favorite bands names and high school crushes on the wall and make this room come to life. Basically, you’re looking at saving money on room designs for the duration of your child’s adolescents before they move out. Yes! I already have your unborn baby moving out on their own. Ha.

cheap baby nursery ideas for a boy or girl

This nursery room is very affordable and the window is what makes this room POP! So if you’re limited on funds just make the window a focal point to the room and design the nursery around it. The DIY tree here is blended with the window with stenciled birds flying over making it everything just mesh nicely and budget-friendly.

Low cost baby nursery ideas

This room is incredibly cheap yet beautiful. The only thing that cost a lot was the crib but if you do some research you can find some terrific sales on cribs or secondhand crib from your oldest child etc. The wall decals are so affordable and it creates a wonderland atmosphere for your child. Who wouldn’t walk to wake up and look at birds flying? Let’s not forget the soothing purple blossoms on trees.

And the not so traditional nursery rooms that I wish I had as a baby

Creative and unique baby nursery ideas for a girl

A jaw dropping nursery design surely to take any baby girl into a dream state filled with fairies and little talking squirrels. The drooping lilies being used a light mobile is so enchanting. If you’re a talented DIYer you could do this room on your own but get started quick with just 9 months to go.

Counting sheep nuetral baby nursery theme

This is creative and stylish sheep theme is so adorable. I absolutely love the background image and the color scheme of this room. The lime green with white accents really add something special. Also let’s not forget the adorable sheep rug.


Princess baby nursery theme

A little girls dream room. A nursery fit for a princess without being a real princess. A lot of pretend play can happen as the little girl grows up in the room. Beautiful. She will be queen of sleepovers.

Baby blue nursery theme for boys

This cozy baby boy nursery room has a dreamy color scheme and not just because it is filled with nighttime sky art. The baby blue with the cream colored wood releases a calming atmosphere well-equipped to help your baby boy nod off to dreamland.

Traditional boys nursery room

I like the traditional style and the mixture of old-time toys from the past. The contrast of white and dark make this room really nicely and it’s not overly done with decor. The rocking horse seals the deal.


Cool rocket ship nursery theme for boys

Allow your child’s dreams to orbit in space with this unique space themed nursery. Ever better is that is can grow with him instead of baby style decor. I love the green and blue color scheme and the lighter colors sprinkled in really work well.


Aquarium nursery theme for boy or girl

Do I really need to explain how beautiful this nursery is. All the coral may be too much or too busy for a baby but nonetheless it is a really creative nursery theme.


Pink nursery theme for a girl

Hoping for a future ballerina? This nursery room is sure to inspire her. I love the pink ribbons holding the crib bumper up. The pink and light shades of purple are a beautiful combination. The elegant lampshade seals the deal.


Sports nursery theme for boys

Not bringing home a future ballerina? Well, how about a sports start? This room is excellent for a little slugger wanting to start off his childhood in the newborn leagues –get it? Instead of minor leagues it’s newborn…yeah, never mind.


Safari nursery theme for boys or girls

How about allowing your baby to be a king or queen of the jungle. This neutral style nursery room is purrrrfect for any animal lover (I’ll stop pretending to be funny 🙂 ) out there that wants to instill the beauty of the animal kingdom into their baby’s room.


Winnie the pooh baby nursery theme

Feeling like a child at heart and want to share your childhood buddy with your baby? Winnie the pooh is a classic that is timeless. Allow your baby to join Winnie and friends in fun journey’s during nap time.


Winnie the pooh nursery theme

You really can never go wrong when using a teddy bear in a nursery room. Unlike the real bears in the wilderness a cartoon bear never looks anything less than a snuggling buddy. Add a few more wilderness companions and your child will have a lot to daydream about.


animal nursery theme

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you are very well aware of the growing popularity of having owls in the home. I’m one of the people adding a bit of owl life to each one of my rooms–even my own  baby’s nursery.

Mix that owl with another fan favorite teddy bear and you’ve got a room to admire. Your child will love waking up seeing the sweet faces of cartoon style bears and owls. Very cute design.


Gender neutral nursery ideas

Yes, I know I already added a sheep theme to the list but this one was just simply adorable. I love sheep. If look closely at the floor rug you will see the sheep as well. The background tree with birds really makes this room even more special. I love the crisp white and dark color scheme. All the accents add their own special something. Gorgeous.


Owl nursery theme

And I’m bringing the owl back. 🙂

The reason why I added another owl theme is because the previous theme was more cutesy and this design is more modern and elegant. I love the different shades of grey with the cream color mixed in. Thhis nursery is calming and cozy.


There you have it, 27 of my favorite nursery themes. I hope you found some great ideas — feel free to share with your friends 🙂

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