33 Stunning Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that the rustic look is the look to have whether you live in the country or not. Everybody wants that rural look that gives them that city life escape regardless if you haven’t even left the city.

Rustic bathroom vanities are quickly trending, and we have a list of some of the best rustic bathroom vanity ideas.

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#1 Rustic White Vanity

rustic bathroom vanity

(Source: houzz.com)

A beautiful rustic vanity with a sink console made up of reclaimed wood. The color is of two-tone milk and is about 4′ foot tall.

#2 Antler Style Vanity

rustic vanity

(Source: furniturehomedesign.com)

Here we have a unique and naturally shed antler style rustic bathroom vanity with a copper sink and bronze faucet made of pine.

#3 Double Rustic Vanity

double rustic vanity

(Source: arcivist.com)

A gorgeous double vanity equipped with two washbowls, twin mirrors, and wooden cabinets. Also, let’s not forget the tree branched leg design underneath.

#4 Antique Grey Vanity

vanity marble rustic

(Source: listvanities.com)

An antique looking rustic vanity that embodies the distressed look with black antique knobs. The wood is made up of wood veneers and solid hardwoods and stands at 48″ inches tall.

#5 Driftwood Vanity

rustic vanity with mirror

(Source: listvanities.com)

A rustic vanity with matching mirror comes with a driftwood finish and a natural stone top. It also features a backsplash and a white ceramic sink. The vanity stands at 30″ inches, not including mirror.

#6 Rustic Brown Vanity

brown rustic vanity

(Source: listvanities.com)

A charming 48″ inch bathroom vanity that showcases a marble top and a white ceramic sink giving this washroom vanity a timeless appearance.

#7 Natural Oak Vanity

rustic vanity with oak finish

(Source: listvanities.com)

Here we have a 36″ inch bathroom vanity with the rustic appearance and a natural oak finish including a matching mirror, slender linen closet, and both are utilizing slatted doors.

#8 Tree Log Vanity

unique rustic bathroom vanity

(Source: hometizer.com)

A rustic double vanity is showcasing the natural beauty of trees and wood with its wooden exterior and tree log drawers for an added dramatic look.

#9 Hickory Tree Vanity

rustic double vanity of hickory tree

(Source: pinterest.com)

A stunning double vanity made of hickory in with an outer log trim and drawer handles.

#10 Farmhouse Rustic Vanity

country bathroom vanity

(Source: pinterest.com)

A cozy double vanity with a farmhouse vessel sink adds charm to any home looking for a traditional rural atmosphere.

#11 Modern Meets Rustic

rustic bathroom vanity with modern look

(Source: pinterest.com)

A mixture of rustic and modern make this bathroom an attractive contrast with the all wooden double vanity consisting of inset drawers and shelving. Modern style mirrors with wall sconces give it the added character.

#12 His and Her Rustic Vanity

his and her rustic vanity

(Source: fanrto.com)

Here we have an adorable his and her rustic bathroom vanity with their own wall lamp sconce and concrete slab countertops.

#13 Rustic Mahogany

rustic double vanity

(Source: potterybarn.com)

An amazing mahogany finish, double sink bathroom vanity, and a Carrera countertop with backsplash. The console includes a porcelain sink. It sits 40″ inches high and 72″ inches wide.

#14 Rustic Chic

rustic chic bathroom vanity

(Source: modernbathroom.com)

A stylish rustic double sink vanity with a chic appeal with a stunning silver oak finish. The sinks are an undermount surrounded by a quartz countertop and backsplash. Double matching mirrors and a linen tower hutch do make excellent additions.

#15 Weathered Oak

rustic bathroom vanity

(Source: fairmontdesigns.com)

Now we have a Euro Style Rustic vanity with a Ceramic integrated Euro top and a charming weathered oak finish.

#16 Rusticly Reclaimed

rusitc bathroom vanity made of reclaimed wood

(Source: woodlandcreekfurniture.com)

A beautiful birch bark design with a hammered sink made of copper that has been Fine-crafted from reclaimed wood. It sits at 48″ inches height and delivers that rustic charm to a bathroom.

#17 Redwood Vanity

rustic bathroom vanity made of redwood

(Source: woodlandcreekfurniture.com)

A one of a kind rustic piece featuring a glass sink surrounded by a thick solid redwood material vanity.

#18 Wine Barrel

rustic wine barrell bathroom vanity

(Source: wayfair.com)

You can’t get any more rustic than having a wine barrel for a bathroom vanity. Stands at 42″ inches height and 28″ inches width this rustic piece is sure to come with a barrel of conversation starters.

#19 Marble Top Vanity

rustic bathroom single vanity

(Source: listvanities.com)

A single beautiful vanity made of recycled fir with a natural oak finish. The sink is white ceramic surrounded by a black marble countertop and backsplash standing at 48″ inches tall.

#20 Driftwood Single Vanity

rustic bathroom vanity

(Source: houzz.com)

A stunning driftwood rustic single vanity that is 60″ inches with shutter-style cabinet doors. A pewter finish and three faux drawers that will conceal the appearance of the sink.

#21 Tuscany Style

tuscany style rustic vanity

(Source: bedbathandbeyond.com)

A lovely cherry finished double vanity showcasing beautiful intricate designs. Includes eight drawers, double doors, and an apron front.

#22 Weathered Gray

weathered gray vanity

(Source: houzz.com)

A reclaimed driftwood weathered gray vanity sink with barn style doors and an olive finish.

#23 Cedar Plant

rustic cedar plank vanity

(Source: squarespace.com)

Check out this beautiful reclaimed wood cedar plant style vanity sink perfect for that rustic look.

#24 Rustic Acacia

rustic acacia vanity

(Source: signaturehardware.com)

A 48″ inch tall rustic acacia vanity comes with a lovely oval undermount sink and rustic metal trim.

#25 Vessel Sink Vanity

vessel sink vanity

(Source: signaturehardware.com)

An elegant rustic brown finish and a vessel sink with corner column post make any bathroom turn into a charming atmosphere.

#26 Rustic Vessel Chest Vanity

vessel chest vanity

(Source: bathkitchenandbeyond.com)

A hammered coppered vessel sink with stunning brass accents and a plumbing cut out drawer this rustic vanity oozes elegance.

#27 Mountain Alder

rustic mountain vanity

(Source: utahrusticfurniture.com)

A well-crafted chainsaw rustic alder vanity showcasing a vessel sink for the added rural touch.

#28 French Oak Wine Barrel


(Source: houzz.com)

Here is a unique sink sitting at 38″ inch height; this hammered copper vanity wine barrel was built of French oak with a rustic mahogany finish.

#29 Vintage Gray

vintage gray rustic vanity

(Source: houzz.com)

Artistically handcrafted with kiln-dried solid wood, this beautiful rustic bathroom vanity sitting at 36″ inches tall coated in a vintage gray finish.

#30 Corner Style Vanity

corner rustic vanity

(Source: houzz.com)

A rustic corner style bathroom vanity sink crafted in weathered oak veneers giving it the more natural look. An accent of brass knobs and soft closing doors seals the deal on this charming vanity.

#31 Rustic Farmhouse

rustic farmhouse bathroom vanity

(Source: fairmontdesigns.com)

A rustic chic bathroom vanity in weathered oak veneers giving an earth-bound natural feel showcasing a farmhouse sink.

#32 Mahogany Rustic

beautiful mahogany rustic vanity sink

(Source: houzz.com)

A beautiful rustic vanity sink with an elegant mahogany finish delivers an excellent contrasting appeal that is to be desired for any bathroom. Terrific for rooms that are too small for double vanities, etc. The farmhouse sink is made of porcelain.

#33 Iron Laced Rustic Vanity

iron laced vanity bathroom sink

(Source: houzz.com)

A stylish rustic bathroom vanity sink with remarkable iron detail delivers elegance to any bathroom, and a matching mirror is giving it the proper accent.

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