27 Simple Storage Hacks That Will De-Clutter Your Life

27 simple storage ideas to help declutter your home and life

It is amazing how much stuff one family can hoard together into one house. Each person adding something of their own each day piles and piles of stuff until you have nowhere left to add, well, more stuff.

We believe George Carlin said it best, “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” Did we write “stuff” too many times? 😉

Since none of us plan to stop buying stuff things, let’s learn some cool ways of enabling our buying addictions and declutter with these cool 27 storage ideas.

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…Without further ado:

#1 Exposed Beams

exposed beam storage hack

Image source: buzzfeed.com

Does your basement have exposed beams? Utilize the built-in storage space divider by adding a shelf and get decluttering.

#2 Attic Storage

Attic storage ideas for organizing your attic on a budget

Source: iheartorganizing.blogspot.co.uk

This is a genius way to organize your attic space. The cost of this project would be well under 50.00 and the dimensions between roof trusses or rafters, should be uniform. Simply grab some rough measurements and head down to Home Depot or Lowes and the lumber department should be able to pre-cut the plywood needed to complete this project.

Bonus tip: Keep bins at least 4-8″ inches away from the plywood (roof sheathing) You don’t want to interfere with your attic air-flow from the soffit to the ridge-vent. Also, keep in mind that the attic does get very hot in the summer, so pictures or any type of laminates shouldn’t be in the attic : )

#3 Charging Station

charging station storage hack

Image source: fevicoldesignideas.com

The times are a changing my internet friends. Gone are the days a household had one or two phone cords causing eyesores, we now have an endless surplus of cords for iPhones, Galaxy S7, iPads, Tablets, etc.

Here is a cool way of hiding the surge protector and chargers. You could even label each “slot” with the owners name, so if one cord gets jacked up, the faulty wire will go to the right person.

#4 Garage Storage Ideas

Garage storage ideas perfect for organizing your garage on a budget

Source: designedtodwell.blogspot.sk

This is an excellent use of garage storage by nailing some wood blocking on the outside of the wall studs. I really love the use of bungee cords to keep balls well organized and contained.

#5 Desk Supplies

shower caddy for desk supplies

Image source: bhg.com

Is your shower already organized? Use up the rest of your shower caddy’s by giving your bedroom or office some extra desk supply storage.

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