13 Easy DIY Ways on How to Remove Household Mold Problems

#4 How To Remove Mold from Painted Drywall

remove mold off painted drywall

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Having mold on painted drywall isn’t that big of a deal compared to unpainted drywall where you’ll need to remove the drywall altogether. Painted drywall mold can be destroyed just by scrubbing it with a commercial mold removal solution or homemade solutions.

#5 How To Remove Mold from Wood Furniture

remove wood from wood furniture

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If you’re planning to remove mold from furniture (or the carpeting and drywall as mentioned earlier), do make sure you’re working in a well-ventilated space. You will need to spray air cleaners before, during, and after the mold removal process to keep the air purified to avoid inhaling any airborne mold spores that get released during the cleaning.

Before applying any cleaning solutions test out an inconspicuous spot to check out how your furniture will respond to the mildest solutions and work your way up to the toughest cleaners.

Mix up a mild household detergent with lukewarm water in a bucket and use a clean cloth to rinse the mold off the surface of the furniture.

Alternative methods include wiping the infected area with a fresh damped cloth with alcohol. You may also use store-bought wood cleaning products or antibacterial wipes. Don’t add too much moisture to the wood, as moisture is part of the cause of the growth of the mold.

#6 How To Prevent Bathtub Mold

antimicrobial mold prevention

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To keep mold from your shower or tub just spray antimicrobial treatment onto the wall then seal with a grout sealant as this will prevent water from entering in.

#7 Remove Mold Odor from Fabric with Vinegar

musty smell off clothes with vinegar

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If you’re wondering how that musty smell is getting onto your “clean” clothing, you might want to gauge how much laundry soap you’re using. You see, when you use too much soap the musty odors will fall trap into the soap deposits that are still lingering on your clothing after they’ve gone through the wash and dry cycle. A simple solution is coming right up.

You just need to throw your clothes into the washer and pour in 1 cup of white water and let the vinegar soak up into the musty clothes for a solid 30 minutes before resuming a regular wash cycle (with a correct amount of soap) and then dry out the clothes. That’s all.

#8 Remove Moldy Odor from Fabric with Baking Soda

remove musty milder on fabric with baking soda

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If you don’t have any white vinegar lying around and need the clothes smelling fresh pronto then you can always use an alternative. The multi-purpose baking soda can also relieve your clothing of that icky musty odor.
Throw your clothes into the washing machine add 1 cup of baking soda and allow the items to soak for about 30 minutes then resume a regular wash (measured soap) and dry cycle.

#9 Remove Must Odor from Fabric with Bleach

bleach to clean mildew mold from clothes

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If your clothing is developing mildew stains, then vinegar and baking soda may not be the solution for your clothing situation. Let’s use bleach for this scenario. Do make sure to check the tags of all of your clothing that has the mildew before pouring chlorine onto them to avoid destroying the fabric. Throw your clothes in the washer (do not overload) under the warm setting, then add liquid soap detergent and fill with water. Once your machine has filled with water, add one cup of bleach and start your wash cycle.

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  1. I’ve had problems with “dirty washcloth smell” on my clothes and towels within one day of using those horrible detergent pods. I special ordered Tide professional with Oxy bleach from WalMart since no one seems to sell powdered detergent any more. It works. Has any one else noticed that the pods are inefficient– so much so that they are selling Downy smell-kill products as a companion item to already expensive pods?

  2. I have use d bleach mixture an keeps coming back professional said bleach feeds black mold I have tried everything

  3. I always cut the hem off the bottom of shower curtain. It allows the water to drain off easier. Then put in washing machine every month or so.

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