10 Ways to Create The Perfect Shared Bedroom

Author: Kaitlin Krull

Most parents would agree that their one true hope for their children is that they would just get along. Part of this fantasy, for us at Modernize at least, is creating a beautiful and relaxing space that siblings can share happily and peacefully. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to help you create a blissful shared bedroom for your kids.

Traditional bunk beds

Nothing says siblings like bunk beds, so this old standby had to be at the top of our list. We particularly love bunk beds like these, with a large, safe ladder and plenty of underbed storage.

shared bunk bed ideas for small bedrooms

Non-traditional bunk beds

If you like the idea of bunk beds but want something slightly different for your kids’ shared bedroom, why not try something like these asymmetrical bunk beds? With the modern design and bags of storage, we couldn’t possibly love this look any more.

small shared bedroom ideas

Tiny space shared room

Many families are more or less forced into making their children share a bedroom because of lack of space, so make the most of small rooms by utilizing every last inch of the room and taking both beds and toys off the floor whenever possible.

shared bunkbed storage ideas for small bedrooms

Multi-age bedroom

As is often the case, shared kids’ rooms will have to accommodate both babies and older children. Arrange and style your bedroom to grow with your kids’ changing needs, making sure each child has her own personal space in the room.

small shared bedroom ideas

Two of everything

If your kids are anything like ours, sharing is not part of their vocabulary. Nip this issue in the bud by creating a room with two of everything. This is also particularly satisfying to the Type A in all of us, since symmetry is a beautiful thing.

shared bedroom ideas for girls

The same but different

Twins and children who love to mimic each other will adore this mirror effect shared bedroom. Choose matching beds, side tables, and coordinating fabrics that give just enough personalization to each child’s area to stave off confusion and jealousy while creating a stylish space.

shared children bedroom ideas

Plain and simple

Children’s bedrooms don’t have to be all color explosions and no style. If you and your kids prefer clean lines and neutral tones, embrace this classic look and add character with patterned bedding and one or two vintage toys. Bonus points for loft beds, of course!

creative shared children bedroom ideas

Creative space solutions

As we mentioned before, space is often an issue with shared bedrooms. If your DIY skills are up to scratch, install your kids’ beds in built-in closets and free up space for playing in the room itself. This is a fantastic and whimsical space-saving idea, so keep it in your back pocket if you ever decide to plan and design your own home.

teenage shared bedroom ideas

The grown up kids’ room

For many parents, it can be difficult to fully embrace Disney characters and primary colors in their kids’ bedrooms. If this sounds familiar to you, ditch the princesses and dinosaurs and inject your own style in your children’s shared room. We particularly love these exposed brick walls!

small bunk bed storage ideas for small bedrooms

The accessible shared room

Babies, toddlers, and younger children need a safe and accessible environment in order to thrive. Select furniture that meets your kids’ immediate needs and keeps everyone safe at the same time. We recommend bed rails, junior beds, and easy-open, low-storage units that encourage independence and promote safety even when you’re not in the room.

creative toddler shared bedroom ideas

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