10 Easy DIY Tips On How to Clean Your Home Air Conditioning Unit

#6 Clean a Room Air Conditioner

How to clean a window air conditioner

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Turn off the breaker to the room air conditioner or power it down by unplugging the appliance and then remove the exhaust panel. Next, you will begin to clean the output with a soft bristled vacuum to clean the coils and fins.

You will next look for any visible signs of problems with the drainage by looking at the bottom of the conditioner for any clogs inside the drain channels. If you discover any clogs proceed to clean with a small pipe cleaner. Lastly, remove the grille from the air conditioner and take out the filter to clean. You can rinse in warm soapy water or just vacuum. Dust the vents and restore the power.

#7 Spray the Condenser Coils with a Solution

spray fin coil
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Before you begin spraying down the condenser coils use a broom to sweep off any excess grass and lint from the fins. Next, spray the condenser solution into the coils and allow the cleaner to soak on the coils for 5-10 minutes. Put the guard grill back into place. You can also invest in a cheap spray pump.

#8 Spray the Evaporator Coils with a Solution

evaporating coil cleaner spray pump
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The first step is to get access to the evaporator coil by taking off the side panel. Next, you will want to protect any surface area with a drop cloth to avoid getting anything wet. Start from top to bottom by spray the solution onto the coils and allow it to set for five minutes.

Grab a garden hose and hose down the cleaning solution that is now mixed with dirt debris with a wet vac. Lastly, vacuum up all the excess water with the wet vac and return the side panel to the air conditioner.

#9 Clean Your AC Coils With a Foam Spray

foam cleaning coils
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Remove the grill cover to the AC coils and vacuum out any excess debris and gently go over the coils with the hose attachment. Spray the foam all over the coils evenly and let the foam sit for (the duration will be specified on the product container).

Turn on the AC after the foam has settled for the elapse timeframe to allow the remaining foam to evaporate and rinse and repeat for the outside condenser coils.

#10 How to Clear Your AC Drain Line

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