10 Easy DIY Tips On How to Clean Your Home Air Conditioning Unit

10 easy DIY ways to clean your air conditioner coils before the summer heat

Here’s the scenario, you and your family are in the midst of a record-breaking heatwave when POOF your air conditioning system stops working. What’s even worst is that it crapped out because it wasn’t cleaned properly. You don’t want this to happen to you, so it is recommended, HIGHLY recommended that you keep up with your air conditioners maintenance. Here’s the kicker, you don’t have to shell out money for it to be done by a professional when you can do it yourself if you follow some tips found below.

Not only does keeping your air conditioner clean expand its lifespan but it could save you money on your electric bill by using 30% less power and keep you from being exposed to harmful pollutants from microbial contamination – not something good for those already suffering with allergies or that are sick.

Before you begin cleaning your air conditioner TURN OFF the electrical power either through the main electrical panel or the condenser unit located outdoor.

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#1 How to Clean Air Conditioning Coils Annually

#2 Comb Out the Air Conditioner

clean air conditioner with fin comb
Image source: prosolutionsair.com

Using a fin comb to clean out your air conditioner has a high impact on the airflow through the coil that can reduce your electrical bill. Flat fins block proper air flow causing the AC unit to work harder.

When you go to use the fin comb, do make certain to pair up the correct ends of the fin spacing on the coils and the end of the fin comb.

#3 Vacuum the Buildup

vacuum ac unit
Image source: Thefamilyhandyman.com

Debris, leaves, grass from the mower, spider webs, etc. manage to find their way to your AC unit causing air flow to be blocked and vacuuming with a shop vac and a soft bristle attachment is great to rid the problem.

#4 Clean Out Blower for Indoor Central Air Unit

indoor ac unit blower
Image source: camarocentral.com

Open up the blower compartment to check for any sign of clogged debris or dust and vacuum it all up. If your owner’s manual says that your unit has lubrication ports, then add five drops of specifically formulated oil that is aimed towards lubricating electrical motors like WD40.

Next, you will need to look for signs of algae. Take off the plastic condensation tube and look for any visible signs of growth and if found proceed to the next step. If the tube is covered in algae or clogged, then add sixteen parts water to 1 part bleach into it using a funnel. Lastly, grab yourself a soft bristled brush, and pipe cleaner to thoroughly clean the drain tube.

#5 Clean Out Blower for Outdoor Central Air Unit

vacuum central air unit blower
Image source: allstarselectricheatingandair.com

Double check to make sure the power is off

Remove the metal case of the central air unit; you will want to vacuum out the condenser fins by using a soft bristle brush attachment and look for visible signs of debris, grass, cobwebs, etc. You will want to remove them from the fins as they block the air flow costing you more money in energy bills and shortening the lifespan of the unit.

Be extra careful to prevent damaging the fins as they can be delicate and try to straighten the fins with a fin comb that you have one on-hand.
Next, you will then unscrew the top of the grille and clean the fan clean with a damp cloth. Insert a hose into the empty central air unit and spray the fins down with water thoroughly. Turn back on and allow the unit to remain idle for 24-hours.

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